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Improv Idol

| 0 Comments | 14 Views | Back to top | Posted on 01/16/2018 at 09:50 AM

Here's a new thing happening....

As alluded to in my bio, I've been dabbling in musical improv. It is seriously one of the most challenging creative endeavors I've undertaken. Just as with anything in the world of improv, the results are unpredictable; but when it works, it REALLY works!

On February 24th at the esteemed StarDome Comedy Club, I'll be performing made-up-on-the-spot songs with some really talented women (and maybe we'll let the boys play, too) at the Improv Idol show!

I'm doing a poor job articulating just how exciting a show like this is for audiences and players alike. It's like magic. It can't be duplicated.

If you find yourself in the Greater Birmingham area on February 24th, catch this one-night-only show. Tickets are available by calling StarDome's box office at (205) 444-0008. Advance purchase is recommended. . . . more . . .

this time of year

| 0 Comments | 398 Views | Back to top | Posted on 10/16/2017 at 07:16 PM

I love this time of year. it's when we gay men stared to help other Openly gay men. . . . more . . .

First Annual Corazon Comedy Festival

| 0 Comments | 393 Views | Back to top | Posted on 10/15/2017 at 09:30 PM

Corazon Comedy Festival was started by Sareth Ney. After he messaged owner of Corazon Cinema and Café, Karla Wagner, Ney wanted to help her rebuild. When he saw the photos of what Hurricane Matthew did to the establishment, he was devastated. Then, Hurricane Irma destroyed most of the property too.

Instead of resulting to crowdfunding websites, Ney wanted to take the traditional approach. He wanted to heal with laughter, sponsorships, advertisements and other ways. He wanted to do anything he could to help rebuild the theater and the city (St. Augustine, Florida) he loved.

Ney noticed there was not a comedy festival in north Florida. He wanted to bring one there. Central and south Florida has comedy festivals and he wanted to complete the rest of the state. Also, another reason he wanted to create the Corazon Comedy Festival was because he has a lot of comedian friends. The majority of his comedian friends were unable to afford travel expenses to participate at his other comedy-related festival in Pueblo, Colorado called Sareth-Fest Music and Comedy Festival.

All of the proceeds for Corazon Comedy Festival will go directly to rebuilding the Corazon Cinema and Café. Hopefully, it will help cover the majority or all of the expenses it accrued.

Price of entry is $5 for college students and military personnel. It will be $10, for those 18 and older. It takes place at Corazon Cinema and Café, on Dec. 17. There will be plenty of free parking all around the theater. There will be activities (i.e. workshops, classes, podcasts and more) at the festival too. The prices to attend each one will vary.

Submission fees are the following: stand-up comedy is $10, podcast is $15, motion pictures are $20 and improv/sketch is $25. Sponsorships and advertisements opportunities are available too. For ad space at the theater, it is $50 and it will be for the month of December. For $100—ad space on Ney’s publication,, will be available. 100s will see their ads at the Corazon Cinema and Café. 10s of 1,000s will see their ads on all of the content Ney produces on his publication, for the month of December. To purchase ad space, please pay through PayPal and to the email:

Submission fees can be paid on the Corazon Cinema and Café’s website, by visiting There is a link to the application, underneath the PayPal information. . . . more . . .


| 0 Comments | 600 Views | Back to top | Posted on 08/11/2017 at 09:38 AM

Hello Comedy Soapbox viewer.

I've been working on a web series called cartoons. I use audio from my act and animate the bits, turning them into a visual experience that is ideally suited for being something to watch while you poop. If you would like to check them out, you can do so here:


I hope you like them, please subscribe.


Spencer . . . more . . .

Creepy Ginger Kid

| 0 Comments | 595 Views | Back to top | Posted on 07/01/2017 at 10:03 PM

. . . more . . .


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Pubic Opinion

| 0 Comments | 629 Views | Back to top | Posted on 05/18/2017 at 08:39 PM

Where does your pendulum swing for body hair?

virginia jones

Recently, I was staying over with my best girlfriend and we were getting ready for a night out together, like we were in high school.  (We are not in high school, or, at least, I’m not.  I wouldn’t ask her age, because that’s rude, but she never seems to do any homework, and she drinks, so she’s either an adult or a bad student.)

“And I haven’t waxed my bush in weeks, so, you know” she said, pulling a high ponytail through an elastic, “that keeps me from going home with anyone.”

I couldn’t keep my face from scrunching up as I asked her, “What?  Why?”

“Oh, you know…”she said, “I just wouldn’t want anyone to see it like that.”

“Like what?” I asked.

“You know.  It’s a mess.”

“Well, you know,” I replied, a little annoyed, “my bush is so old-school it once beat Billie Jean King at tennis, and nobody has ever complained about it.”  She looked at me with a look of shock and disbelief, but it’s true.  I’ve been naked in front of lots of people, I mean a lot, (sorry mom), and the response to my hair has either been positive or no stated opinion, according to the exit polls.


Now, don’t get me wrong.  Body hair is 100% a personal decision and whatever you choose to do with it is A-OK, but there was a cultural moment when it felt compulsory- I understand that if you do sex work, deforestation is part of the uniform, but does every barista and blogger HAVE to go full Vin Diesel?  But it is, no pun intended- a touchy subject.

In the 1900’s, only art models and prostitutes (and let’s face it- many times the same people) got rid of their pubic hair, and because of this, the pre-Raphaelite artist John Ruskin was totally unprepared for his wife’s hair on their wedding night and was unable to perform sexually.  She went crying to a doctor, was told that she was perfectly normal and lovely, and left her unconsummated marriage and married another painter friend of his who thought her pubis was nice.

Pub Fashion

It’s been in vogue for so long, it seems like the Brazilian has always been the dominant geographic region affecting our areas-but the fact, Americans left their sites untouched for years and years, until the bikini was introduced in the 50’s.  The swimsuit was named after the A-bomb testing site in the Bikini Atoll, and it was like a bomb was dropped on natural bush.

In the 70’s, women burned their bras and let themselves grow free, but in the 80’s we had maillot one-pieces and Donna Karan bodysuits and women adopted the “landing strip” look- flattering for lots of fashions, but still delineating one from a prepubescent.  Hard-edged, graphic, it was probably what the ladies in the Nagel drawings had, if we ever saw a naked one. 

. . . more . . .
Comedy Works Downtown

| 0 Comments | 970 Views | Back to top | Posted on 05/08/2017 at 03:37 PM

Tuesday 5/9/17 I will be performing at Comedy Works Downtown for New Talent Night. Show starts at 8:00

Comedy Works Downtown
1226 15th St, Denver, CO 80202  . . . more . . .

Celebrity Income Breakdown

  • Kellyanne Conway – 18% Political Consulting Fees; 50% White House Salary; 32% Royalties from the Wizard of Oz (Wicked Witch)
  • Vladimir Putin     – 22% President Salary; 60% Oil & Gas Investments; 18% ‘Sexy espionage chat-line’ with U.S. officials
  • Justin Bieber     – 70% Music & tickets sales; 19% T-Shirt Endorsements; 11% Don’t wear a t-shirt endoresements
  • Barack Obama     – 10% Book Sales; 62% Speaking Fees; 28% Sexy photo-ops with Sir Richard Branson
  • Hillary Clinton     – 19% Speaking fees; 33% Political consulting fees; 47% Japanese robot teaching fees
  • Ivanka Trump     – 15% Trump International; 55% Ivanka Trump Line; 30% Kellyanne Conway Referrals to the Ivanke Trump Line
  • Melania Trump  – 29% Melania Trump Line; 71% Air-Bnb
  • Adele     – 32% Music & ticket sales; 68% Break-up ringtone downloads
  • The German Shepherd that won Best In Show at 141st Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show – 72% Winnings;  18% Signature dog biscuit line; 10% Royalties for using his fire hydrants
  • The Trainer of the The German Shepherd that won Best In Show at 141st Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show – 68% Winnings of dogs; 12% Training Fees; 20% Sales of his own fertilizer
  • The American Girl Boy Doll – 76% Sales; 24% Income from being the ‘man of the house’
  • The American Girl Doll – 84% Sales; 16% Child Support (she divorced the ‘man of the house’)


Buzzfeed is Running out of lists

  • 11 robots that have more personality than Hillary Clinton
  • 12 people left, that Donald Trump hasn’t lashed-out at on Twitter
  • 15 crazy plots for new Marvel Comics movies
  • 23 dirty names substituted for ‘Amal’ Clooney
  • 15 things broken by Beyonce fans after she didn’t win
  • 18 things Drake said when helping talk a suicidal man off a bridge
  • 12 Selena Gomez ‘Sugar Momma’ dutues
  • 19 trendy love words (like ‘bae’ and ‘boo’) that are not allowed in Scrabble
  • 24 offensive chalk-heart Valentine’s Day sayings
  • 12 other things Kellyanne Conway is promoting on 24 hour news
  • 13 things that would make Sean Spicer’s head explode
  • 17 offensive things PewDiePie will do now that Disney dumped his ass



. . . more . . .
January 2017

| 0 Comments | 940 Views | Back to top | Posted on 01/19/2017 at 12:19 PM

Here's some clips from my show last night at Lakewood Village Tavern! . . . more . . .

Some sick jokes for ya'll!

| 0 Comments | 1045 Views | Back to top | Posted on 11/25/2016 at 05:54 AM

I decided I want to learn more about programming and databases lately, so I decided to create a website. Now the most difficult thing for me was, deciding what kind of website to start. So I just decided to write a few jokes and put it online. I would worry about the exact content later... And later came and I just kept adding jokes to the website... Still no other idea so I added a few more jokes that made me giggle or shocked my friends... And then I decided to just go with It. I would make my website public and just add jokes to it. Thus Just Jokes was born.

It is nothing special, just a website where I post jokes that I find funny. Some I find online, some were told to me by friends ands some I just made up. I decided to keep adding jokes and maybe improve on the website itself. I'll see how it goes. If you want to check it out it is available on

So I hope you all like the jokes and the website and any comment is always welcome! Thank you all and have a good night!

P.S. Dark humor is like a kid with cancer.

It never gets old! . . . more . . .

On Video

| 0 Comments | 1123 Views | Back to top | Posted on 11/21/2016 at 02:35 PM

So, I headlined a show about a month ago and there were cameras there to film a pilot for a stand up comedy series. Long story short, looks like they are going to sell the show and I get to be on TV! What's great about this is, I sat with the director and was able to edit about a 25 min segment of my headline act to send to bookers. He also agreed to cut me a 5 min teaser for You Tube. Thanks Matt Miller. . . . more . . .

my fan collector!

| 0 Comments | 1098 Views | Back to top | Posted on 11/04/2016 at 05:07 PM

. . . more . . .
Upcoming Show

| 0 Comments | 1165 Views | Back to top | Posted on 10/28/2016 at 10:46 PM

I'll be performing at borderlands brewery in downtown Tucson on November 2nd! . . . more . . .

Episode 39

| 0 Comments | 1169 Views | Back to top | Posted on 10/24/2016 at 10:20 AM

This week we talk to Mike in Vegas again which makes us talk about gambling again. Plus some talk about comedy. Subscribe, Rate & Review Follow them   Check out this episode! . . . more . . .


Imagine: You’re a mechanical engineering student at Stanford University – one of the most elite colleges in the world. On a typical weeknight, you’re powering through your homework problems for Compressive Flow/Turbo Machinery, studying for an upcoming exam in Fluid Mechanics, building a solar power race car, presenting a camera mount (that you designed) at an engineering fair, or meeting with one of the four student groups that you’re a leader of. Oh, and you do stand up comedy. You run an open mic at the campus coffee shop on Fridays where you perform in front of an audience of maaaaaybe 10 people. By the time the mic is over, there will be 3 of them left. One, an old man who lives in a trailer and plays his saxophone on the campus quad, comes every week just to heckle you – specifically you – about how your jokes aren’t funny. Whenever you get a chance, you make the forty-minute drive up to San Francisco to hit up an open mic (an open mic that isn’t much more popular than the one you run) and then you make the forty-minute drive back to campus. One night, you get an email. Demetri Martin, one of the most famous headlining comics in America, is coming to your school. He’s going to be performing in front of an audience of 600. And you get to open for him. That’s what happened to my friend Phill. Phill Giliver is a student and open mic comedian based in the San Francisco Bay. This is the story of how he threw his hardworking college-student life out the window for one week so he could perform the set of his life. A lot of people say you shouldn’t meet your hero because you’ll just be disappointed when you encounter them in the flesh. Phill found out what it was like to meet his. And he says, “do it.” Article: . . . more . . .

History Repeats Itself

| 0 Comments | 2772 Views | Back to top | Posted on 08/21/2016 at 05:21 PM

I took Bikram yoga today for the first time in 10 years. I recalled that I wrote a blog about it the first time I went. Even 10 years older and perhaps 20 lbs heavier the experience was pretty much the same. So here it is, my trauma for your enjoyment.

You'll Never Know Unless You Try, 12/6/06, 04:56 PM

I don't know what got into me this past weekend, but I woke up Saturday morning with this overwhelming urge to take Bikram Yoga, which was odd because I've never taken a Bikram Yoga class before. For that matter I've never taken a yoga class of any kind...ever. So where did this sudden and uncontrollable urge come from? I don't really know.

I've often walked by the studios where they give it and have seen people doing it so I had had a curiosity about it before. Plus on Thanksgiving it came up in conversation and two people, neither of whom I would have associated with physical activity, swore by it. I usually don't succumb to casual recommendations like that. I've also known people who have sworn by Amway, Shaklee and Scientology but I've never been tempted to give any of it a try for myself. But somehow the yoga seed had been planted and the urge had to be satisfied.

Before I get ahead of myself, in case you don't know, Bikram Yoga is a sequence of 26 yoga postures and two breathing exercises developed by Bikram Choudhury that is done in a room heated to 105°F (40.5°C) and accompanied by specific dialogue.

So anyway, I wake up with this inexplicable urge to go to yoga class. I poke around on the internet and find a studio that has a class specifically designed for first-timers down by the Flatiron Building. In a matter of minutes I make a phone call, reserve a spot, pack my bag and am out the door.

I get to the studio, which is up three flights of stairs, walk in and it's like a sauna. Duh. There are three or four people sitting in the lobby all hot and sweaty from having just finished the previous class The men are in shorts and shirtless and the women are in spandex shorts and crop top tanks. You think that might be kind of sexy, right? No such luck. These people looked like reheated death. And might I add, for supposedly health conscious people they were the sorriest looking rag-tag bunch you could imagine.

So I pay the guy at the counter, get a mat, towels and a bottle of water. I go into the very crowded locker room, change into my shorts and sheepishly take my shirt off. For the record, I don't have any real hang-ups with my body. I'm not going to win any Mr. Universe contests, but I have no reason to be embarrassed either. Probably because I was in foreign surroundings, I felt so conspicuous I might as well have been standing their stark naked with fleur-de-lis shaved into my pubic hair.

Locking my modesty away with my personal belongings I took my mat, towels and water and head into, what they refer to as, the "hot box. " Let me put it this way. Have you ever smelled stinky feet? Toe jam? Dirty armpit? Crotch rot? Imagine that all baked into a moldy carpet at 105°F and that's pretty much what the hot box smelled like. Oh yeah, it smelled like "box" too.

After a moment of wrestling with my gag reflex I situated my mat and watched the other first timers come in and do the same (gag and place their mat, that is). Finally the teacher, Brigit-Ann entered. She was very pleasant and gave a brief summary of what we were about to do. Once everyone introduced themselves and apprised her of their previous physical injuries we were off and running.

We started with a deep breathing exercise. This was particularly difficult since the odor made you want to breathe as little as possible. The first two or three deep whiffs almost knocked me out, and after 5 or 6 more my brain was forced to decide whether to ignore the smell or induce vomiting. Thankfully it chose to ignore the smell and we moved on to the standing poses.

The first poses were more like stretches, to one side then the other, then back. Then we did this squat sort of thing and the teacher who has been yammering away since we started (hence the "accompanied by specific dialogue" part of the class) says that this is the "awkward pose. "

No sh*t.

Then as if we're playing a solo game of Twister without the mat we move on to the "eagle. "

Personally I thought THAT should have been called the awkward pose.

It was round about the pose called the "triangle" that I blacked-out for the first time.

I know it doesn't look hard, but try doing it after you've just had your ankles wrapped around your torso.

I didn't actually faint or anything, I just all of a sudden realized that my eyes were open and I couldn't see anything. Then we moved on to the floor positions and I thought thank God, at least if I do pass out I'll already be on the floor.

My least favorite was the "rabbit" which, you'd think should have been my favorite since it resembled something like inverted auto-fellatio.

Brigit-Ann kept saying, "Breath normally, breath normally. " Which begs the question, "What is normal breathing when you have your head stuck up your a **?"

Finally the class ended and there I was on the brink of dehydration lying on my mat in a three inch deep puddle of my own sweat. My fingertips were shriveled as if I had been soaking in a hot tub for the better part of a day. And according to BA (as she preferred to be called) I had just worked every muscle in my body, I was detoxified and my chakras were cleansed or what-have-you.

I finally got the gumption to pick myself up off the floor and get myself back to the locker room where I showered and changed. The ordeal was over.

Never in my life have I suffered through such intense physical toil. However, once I got myself back to neutral, so to speak, I felt almost euphoric. Trust me, euphoric isn't a word I use all that often. As a matter of fact, I don't think I've every used it. The funniest part of all, is that even if the joke's on me, I think I'm going back. . . . more . . .

This Week in Jokes! - Donald Trump Wins Nomination

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. . . more . . .

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