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So 2 years later and....

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...I've now blogged again after I said I'd start blogging 40 lashes with a wet penis for me!! I dunno...I write short stories that I've done nothing with, have 3 "partial" scripts, write for cash occasionally (more "occasionally" than I like, of course), dumb jokes, the errant shopping list, etc...but my absolute fave writing of late that feeds into my dual impulses of commitment avoidance on any level and my base genetically ingrained apathy/procrastination is twitter - I mean, how great is it to blurt out a quick 140 characters of nonsense and be done with it?? It's like serial killing for a writer without all that legal/incarceration nonsense - run in, take out a mark (with a well-crafted & humorous bons mot as opposed to a glock with a laser scope and silencer of course) and go get a celebratory beer afterwards!! But, the one thing it fails to address is my incessant need for MONEY - I just love the stuff - and you don't fucking get paid for twitter, no sir!! So, I need to learn to balance my impulse to give all these quickies away like a sorority girl at an ivy league co-ed mixer and be more long term in my writing - but in the meantime, check me out as I utter the unutterable, harass "celebrities" and make generally anti-child/breeder/endeavor/life statements with my usual aplomb, verve and panache -


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