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War: what is it good for? (Actually, a lot!)

| 0 Comments | 2767 Views | Back to top | Posted on 06/23/2013 at 11:57 AM

Recently, a "fly" fell into my fb "web" & started fucking with me, so I naturally fucked right back, and then as the game lopsidedly continued in my favor of course, she recanted and claimed that she was being a "hater" and was trying to not work from those impulses any more, and I replyed with this:

No, please continue...hate is a most attractive and powerful force in the leads to war and war is the finest thing humans can engage in!! War makes huge profits for corporations, leads to many technological breakthroughs, keeps population growth in check, creates amazing subject matter for art, literature, theater, films, and gives individuals the chance to know and understand and engage in valor, self-sacrifice, team effort & more and can be a defining event in the lives of individuals and societies!! I always encourage nation states to war with each other for these very reasons and hate is the perfect please keep it up, you dumb ugly bitch, and pray to the god Mars for pogroms, insurrections, civil unrest, invasions, ethnic cleansings, resource shortages, military juntas & coups, and any other of the many preludes to WAR!!

All quite true!!


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