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First (I guess) it was butter…butter is the scourge of heart disease & limp dicks everywhere!! Then it's evil cousin, the EGG YOKE became public enemy #1…then CARBS went on the "hit list" of POISON, not even to be looked at in the eye…now it's GLUTEN…the yummy substance that makes bagels gooey & chewy has be relegated to CRIMINAL status, & nincompoops everywhere have convinced themselves that they are allergic, an allergy that has prevented them from attaining all their goals in life, in love…ah, this gluten is quite the scapegoat!!! But, maybe, if you have a BALANCED approach to nutrition (and life itself, hey, there's a wacky idea!!), maybe we'll see that butter, yokes, carbs, gluten & any other consumable "devil" food can still be our friend if we embrace UNADULTERATED foods, UNPROCESSED foods, and give a heave-ho to processed garbage rife with artificial colors, flavors, shelf-life extenders, the overly sugared & salted, GMOs (juries still out on those but always good to be cautious!), antibiotics &artificial growth hormones…avoid consuming foods with these true villains & the four aforementioned "horseman of the dinner table apocalypse" aren't really that bad at all…& can be quite delicious!!


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