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Mike Wiley
New York International Fringe Fest, The Improv
Illinois (Northwestern)
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Mike Wiley @ the Comedy Shrine

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Born in Chicago, Mike Wiley has been in the stand-up comedy game since 2002 and emerged from the same Chicago comedy generation that gave rise to some of the most talented/well-known comedians in the industry today. As well as Chicago, Mike Wiley regularly performs all around the Midwest and has opened for a variety of acts such as Doug Stanhope, Josh Blue, The Latin Kings of Comedy, and platinum selling industrial heavy metal band Powerman 5000.

Mike Wiley has performed at several comedy festivals including The North Carolina Comedy Festival, The Charleston Comedy Festival, New York International Fringe Fest, and Chicago Snubfest, not to mention he has performed with the USO at Illinois Great Lakes Naval Base. Mike Wiley is also a producer of a weekly comedy showcase in Chicago called, “Make Yourself At Home”. He has self-published his own comic book series called “Doofus 2 Death”, and in 2012 released his first comedy album, “Inconducive To Comedy”.

Mike Wiley prides himself on not only being funny, but also smart and innovative. Whether he is talking about childhood or marriage, or even molecular structure or astrophysics, Mike Wiley’s jokes will always be equally intelligent and absurd.

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Birthday: 5/9
Hailing From: Chicago, Illinois
Debut: 3/23/02 @ The Lyon's Den
Comic Inspirations: Mitch Hedberg, Steven Wright, Norm Macdonald, Emo Philips
Favorite Working Comics: Kumail Nanjiani, Nick Vatterott, Junior Stopka
Favorite TV Shows: Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasum, South Park, Real Time w Bill Mahr
Favorite Movies: South Park, UHF, The Shawshank Redemption
Favorite Books: The comic kind
Favorite Music: Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, Gwar, Matisyahu, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson

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