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Nate Bargatze
Live at Rascals on XM radio
New York (New York City)
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Previous Comments

Nate is that rare find at an open-mic show that makes you say, How the hell does this guy not have his own half hour special yet? Always entertaining and makes every one else want to go home and start refining their own material.
      -Nick Turner

Nate has always been funny, but he's improving by leaps and bounds every time I see him. Funny, sharp, and original. I see very good things in the future of Mr. Bargatze.
      -Jesse Perry

I am huge fan of Nate's delivery and style, a true original. We miss you in Nashville!!
      -Mark Anundson

Nate is great. Great material, and with a soft spoken warm delivery.....He is truly working his way up.
      -Billy Wayne Davis

If you're a comic that you can't watch Nate without slapping yourself on the head and screaming how did he think of that?!
      -Ryan Williams

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