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Ryan Williams
Tennessee (Central)
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One Bullet in the Chamber
11/25 - 4:58 AM

Job Perks
11/11 - 4:58 AM


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Mixing sarcasm, intelligent anger and sharp wit, RYAN WILLIAMS takes you on a savage journey through his own personal blistering hell. Whether lamenting his lot in life as the guy who married the only British woman on the planet without a sexy accent or pleasantly spinning a memory about the time he accidentally purchased gay asian porn, Ryan never leaves you high and dry on the laughs. Or maybe it's pity. He was raised in NY and transplanted to the Tennessee Valley of his own accord, so really he can't be all that bad. Ryan's one wish is that folks would stop calling him a "Damn Yankee" since that particular war has been over for at least a couple of years now.

He'd also like Nashville to quit hitting him.

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Birthday: 7/18
Hailing From: Binghamton, NY
Debut: 3/11/98 @ Rodeo's, Cape Girardeau, MO
Home Club(s): Zanies, Nashville, TN

Very smart, very funny, Ryan is a treat to watch.
      -Billy Wayne Davis

This cat's wit is a sharp as a razor blade. Ryan can tear down a topic and the put it back together before you finish laughing from its destruction. BRILLIANT!!!
      -Rob Haynes

Ryan is a funny, perceptive, tallented comic. He's incisive, intelligent, witty and likable. He's truly an artist.. and the stage is his canvas. Ha ha. Now I've made him sound pretentious and gay. Seriously, check him out.. he'll make you laugh.
      -chad riden

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