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Previous Comments

Joe Southards is a fantastic comic. A truly inventive and clever guy. I always enjoy watching Joe perform.
      -Jesse Perry

Joe Southards rocks my world!! If I die I want Joe to do some time at my funeral.
      -Mark Anundson

You haven't ever seen someone like Joe before. Unless you have seen him before. In which case, you have. He's brilliant.
      -Ryan Williams

joe is a very original comic. and he's a fresh breath when he goes up. you know your going to see something great and original.
      -Nate Bargatze

Over the last few years I've seen Joe take his already funny jokes and experiment with creative, new ways of presenting his thoughts. Above all things, Joe is a showman.. a true entertainer who constantly improves upon an already polished, funny act.
      -chad riden

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