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Joseph Neibich

California (Los Angeles Area)
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Joseph Neibich (pronounced Neibich) moved to Los Angeles in 1997 and after a brief stint in the marketing department of Paramount Pictures started working in development at Landmark Entertainment in North Hollywood. While visiting his parents back in Arizona he tried out for a part in the movie Jerry Maguire as a joke while it was shooting in Phoenix on location and got a small role. That very summer Joseph booked a movie of the week and two national commercials. Since quitting his day job Joseph has since shot over twelve national commercials and appeared in numerous movies of the week, television shows, and films: including Baywatch, Lethal Invasion, The Ride, and Pitching Brilliance. He also currently in preproduction on a film starring him called, "Love and Laughter." In March of 2000 Joseph performed at a open mic in Hollywood on a dare and what began simply as random musings about his interaction with celebrities while tending bar in the Polo Lounge of the Beverly Hills Hotel has evolved into a collection of clever and sometimes biting observations about human behavior and the modern mating ritual. In addition to touring colleges, Joseph also performs regularly at all of the big LA comedy clubs. He's a paid regular at the World Famous Laugh Factory and in 2004 won the Phoenix Comedy Competition. Check out the Tour Schedule link to your left and come see one of his shows. Serving drinks has never sparked such an explosion of comedic material! Joseph is also the owner and founder of

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Birthday: 2/16
Hailing From: Gilbert, AZ
Debut: 1/1/00 @ The Comedy Store
Comic Inspirations: Cary Grant, Johnnie Carson, Woody Allen
Favorite Working Comics: Ty Barnett, Eddie Pence, Ian Harris, Wheels Parisi
Favorite TV Shows: Sportscenter
Favorite Movies: The Straight Story
Favorite Books: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, the Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, and the Confederacy of Dunces
Favorite Music: the Smiths, the Cure, the Cult, the Pixies, the Stones, Nirvana, the Meatpuppets, pretty much anything tragically out of style.

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