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Woody McAdams
Georgia (Central)
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7/16 - 8:15 AM

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4/23 - 9:24 AM


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Billy Wayne Davis

Leslie Nash

Pete Ludovice

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Born in Erie, Pennsylvania the youngest and only boy, Woody had to take the abuse of eight half sisters and all of their boyfriends. His only defense was to be funny. After his dad died and his mom took up a new career as an alcoholic, it was obvious he would become a comedian. It would not be until years later that his comedic skills would come into full blossom. While working his crappy job as a telemarketer and shooting wisecracks at a many angry people, a coworker, who thought he was funny, made it a point to sit next to him night after night. Laughing at the smart-ass remarks he would make, the coworker talked him into doing an emcee job at a local bar on their comedy night. After that, and after losing his job as a telemarketer (yeah they really do monitor those calls), he was hooked and he didn't have much of a choice. He eventually moved to Atlanta where he has grown into his comedy shoes. His humor is observational-sarcasm; he is completely unpredictable; and you never know where he is going to go with his comedy. All you can do is sit back and enjoy the ride. Talking about his family life and anything else that could be imagined, he is one of the funniest up-and-coming comics in the southeast today and a must-see performer. Things People say about Woody Woody was a pleasure to work with. I'm proud to say he performed in the Jammin n' July Concert. Not only was he professional and a team player, he wowed the audience. I had to bring him back for an encore performance that night. He Rocked!! Thank you again. I wish you continued success in your career. Gillia Mistress of Ceremony Jammin' n July Concert (Riverdale, GA)

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Birthday: 8/13
Hailing From: Twin Rocks, PA
Home Club(s): Punchline Atl
Comic Inspirations: Mich Hedberg, Bill Hicks, George Carlin, Steve Martin,

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