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Christy Eidson
TN: NBC, CMT Clubs: Improv,Icehouse, Zanies
California (Los Angeles Area)
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Southern fried humor, with a pinch of sass and a hilarious dose of attitude all work together to describe the comic entity known as Christy Eidson. Christy creates colorfully visual stories from her distinct southern point-of-view. She is a strong female comedian, in much the same vain as Lucy, Carol, and Gilda, but doesn’t like to be labeled just a “female comic”, because she can hold her own with the boys. Some describe her as “Roseanne Barr meets Jack Black” or “the Crazy red-haired girl”. On stage, she comes across extremely likeable and confident, yet unpredictable. Christy is highly energetic, charismatic, and has strong comedic timing. With this combination, she quickly grabs the audience’s attention and doesn’t let it go until she’s walking off the stage. Her comic influences come from a broad spectrum of comedians that include Bill Murray, Eddie Murphy, Lucille Ball, Mike Myers, Will Ferrell, Roseanne Barr, Jack Black, Jim Carrey, and the Three Stooges. In 2008, Christy Eidson has appeared on Last Comic Standing and Nashville Star on NBC. She has performed in such places as the Improv, the Comedy Store, and the Laugh Factory in Los Angeles, HA's in New York City, Zanies in Nashville, TN, Sidesplitters in Knoxville, TN, the Comedy Catch in Chattanooga, TN, the Punchline and the Funny Farm in Atlanta, GA, and many more. She showcased at last year's Las Vegas Comedy Festival, and was a Finalist for the California’s Funniest Female Contest. She studied at the legendary Groundlings. If that weren’t enough, Christy also produces, writes, and performs in the sketch comedy troupes, TV Dinner Theater and Waterbed in a FallOut Shelter, working on her own one-person show. Christy is a Nashville, Tennessee native. She has always wanted to entertain, even if it was only entertaining herself. As a child, she was in love with Saturday Night Live, and would sneak out of bed to stay up and watch the show. In school, teachers would make her stand up in class and do her impressions or read humorous stories she had written. In college, Christy studied Broadcasting and double-minored in Theatre and English. In her “book-learnin” years, she and her friends began attending the Rocky Horror Picture Show each weekend just outside of Nashville, and soon began playing the Susan Sarandon role of Janet Weiss. Performing in your underwear will definitely diminish any fears or inhibitions one may have. No one can say that Christy doesn’t enjoy being the center of attention. You can’t spend ten minutes with her without cracking a smile. “It’s either laugh or cry, and I don’t like to cry…it makes my eyes puffy.”
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Birthday: 11/5
Hailing From: Nashville, Tennessee
Home Club(s): Improv, Zanies
Comic Inspirations: Eddie Murphy, Carol Burnett, Lucille Ball, Gilda Radner, SNL, etc.
Favorite TV Shows: My Name Is Earl, Simpsons, Family Guy,
Favorite Movies: Monty Python's Holy Grail
Favorite Music: Aerosmith is god!

Christy is so funny, that she makes my eyes hurt from laughing so hard....!! Knock 'em dead girl! Perry
      -Perry Studevent

Christy always cracks me up!! she be all funny and stuff
      -Mark Anundson

Christy is funny and lovable. Whenever I see her I have the urge to hug her, but get the feeling that if I tried she'd knee me in the nuts.. which makes me all the more eager.
      -chad riden

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