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Bryan Berner
Stress Factory, The Comesy Quarry, Rascals
New Jersey (Central)
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The Comedy Quarry 10/07

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jake link

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Bryan is 36yrs old, Has been doing comedy pretty much all his life but has begun doing alot of show's in the NJ area recently. His humor is alittle edgy at times But, O.K you know I'm writing this right? I'm not at the stage in my career where I can hire people to write my biography for me, so I (Bryan) am writing this, I started feeling "silly" writing in 3rd person there, Despite my look, I am a big "Teddy Bear", I think the word "sweetie" has been used to describe me. and as I’ve grown older I have come to realize that when a woman call’s you a "sweetie" it’s kinda of a bad thing, she means, your nice and fun to hang with, but she’s not going to "do" you. My humor at times can be considered harsh , or as a family member described it "Vulgar" I don’t think I’m vulgar I just think she’s an F’ing uptight C, but it’s all said with "love" well not really with "love" but if that’s what I have to say to get people to go to my show’s, than I’ll say it, no integrity here folks, I have a "tad" of sarcastic sense of humor but know that there’s not much of a difference between being sarcastic and just being an asshole and like to think I walk that line,,,, and fail miserably most of the time BUT I try.

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Birthday: 5/10
Home Club(s): The Stress Factory
Comic Inspirations: Sam Kinnison, Dave Chappelle, Jim Norton
Favorite Working Comics: Jim Norton, Patrice O'Neil, Dave Chappelle
Favorite TV Shows: Curb your Enthusiasm, Hell's Kitchen, Extra's
Favorite Movies: Hald Baked, GoodFella's
Favorite Music: Pantera, Slayer, Elton John, Billy Joel, whatevers good.

this man is going places funny edgey and witty
      -jake link

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