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Steamy Bohemians
Boston, Las Vegas Comedy Festivals
Massachussetts (Boston)
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Jesse Joyce TV and Film REEL
10/1 - 5:12 AM

Jesse Joyce recent set at The Comedy and Magic Club
9/29 - 5:12 AM


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Jim Lauletta

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John Curtin

Courtney Cronin

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The Steamy Bohemians are Boston's hottest musical comedy duo. Combining strikingly original yet catchy musical compositions and rich vocal harmonies with whimsical hilarity, they surprise and entertain audiences of all kinds.

In the frozen tundra of southern Rhode Island, Nicole Luparelli and Lainey Schulbaum met rolling around on the floor in the Fine Arts Center as students of music at University. Sharing the same brutal vocal instructor, their voices developed into complimentary forces, along with their neurotic musician sensibilities. What followed was an epic tale of smoking resin before class, soprano fights, all-girl spin the bottle parties, and repeated stage hijackings at the on-campus café.

Unlike their fellow students, Nicole and Lainey were not stifled by aspirations of getting a degree that would help them land a high-paying job (or any job, for that matter) with benefits. These rebels dreamed a greater dream: to enthrall intoxicated audiences with their unique blend of music, beauty, pageantry, and awkwardness; they aimed to become the ultimate lounge act. With their cherubic voices and love of dark bars with low ceilings and bad carpeting, they have garnered such an opportunity.

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Hailing From: Boston, MA

These girls are very funny and very unique.
      -Rob O'Reilly

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