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Emily Epstein
Ha! Comedy Club, Laugh Lounge NYC, NYCC
New York (New York City)
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It's murder...
3/20 - 5:20 PM

Leave the driving to us, indeed.
3/17 - 11:54 AM


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Ever since Emily was little (and by that she means, only slightly smaller then she stands today)she was a performer. Perhaps it is the Napoleon complex,her quirky sensibility, or her ability to find herself in strange situations varying from Treadmill accidents to topless beaches, but the girl has something to say.

With her laidback style, Emily immediately puts the audience at ease, entertaining them with her personal anecdotes,observational humor, and experience from the dating trenches. She performs all over New York and works what her mama gave her (at least comedy-wise).

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Birthday: 5/20
Hailing From: Philadelphia, PA
Home Club(s): Ha! Comedy Club, Laugh Lounge NYC
Comic Inspirations: Lenny Bruce, Richard Pryor, Rita Rudner, Woody Allen
Favorite Working Comics: Giraldo, Judy Gold, Demeitri Martin, Eugene Mirman, Chapelle, Ted Alexandro

What a sweetheart she is...she's kind, generous and very talented. Emily's future in comedy is unlimited because she is so funny and fabulous !
      -Sandy Ehlers

I haven't laughed that hard while masturbating since I got American Pie on DVD.
      -Chris McDevitt

Emily's one of those comics you hate to perform with because you know that she's both funnier and slightly better looking than you. Her stories are simply incredible. Emily's one of the few comics I've performed with that I don't secretly hate.
      -Mike Drucker

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