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Jason Resler
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California (Sacramento Area)
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Jason Resler - Comedy Time Highlights

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what it's all about..
7/12 - 5:20 AM

I Cant believe this shit
10/16 - 11:12 PM


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The Entertainment Business Journal named Jason in their list of the "Top 100 Comedians" working today, ranking him among the top 50 nationwide!

Clever material and strong stage presence have made Jason a crowd favorite at comedy clubs from coast to coast. Jason has shown tireless dedication to his craft by hitting the stage over 320 times within the past year.

What are people saying about Jason?

"So funny he actually gets paid for it" R.E. Graswich, Sacramento Bee

"Several laughs per minute" Elk Grove Citizen

"Sharp, smart material that kept the crowd in hysterics" Sacramento News & Review

"His material has taken one-liners to the next level" Record Courier

"Very funny stuff, no really, very funny stuff" Dave Attell

"He's sniffing the wrong kind of glue" Will Durst

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Birthday: 7/28
Hailing From: Sacramento, CA
Debut: 5/5/96 @ Laughs Unlimited
Home Club(s): Laughs Unlimited: Old Sacramento
Comic Inspirations: Pryor, Cosby, Attell, Hedberg, Lenny, & Bill
Favorite Working Comics: Jason Resler
Favorite TV Shows: Simpsons
Favorite Movies: The Big Lebowski
Favorite Books: Playboy
Favorite Music: Anything hard & insightful... like Tesla!

Jason Resler is great comic with a even better work ethic. He once came to a gig after a family crisis; rocked the room and then told me about the tragedy he had endured that day. WHAT A PRO and a nice guy to boot!Peace & Love, Grace White
      -Grace White

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