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Steve Boyer
Caroline's, Rififi, Laugh Factory, NBC, Broadway
New York (New York City)
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Go see my sister.
10/10 - 4:24 AM

Fun interview with Moi, from the Gerald Koplan, the author of Magic Words.?
10/7 - 4:24 AM


Michael Goldstrom

Bill Blank

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Having moved to New York at the age of 18 to study drama at The Juilliard School, Steve now knows how to claim unemployment with a perfect British dialect. He is a regular guest on Sirius satellite radio's Four Quotas, spent 2005 touring dozens of colleges and universities, and has performed at venues from California to New York and everywhere in between. As an actor, he has appeared in episodes of Law & Order and Ed as well as on Broadway in "I'm Not Rappaport". His unique brand of comedy and characterization is currently being put to use as he develops his one-man show, "Steve Boyer Wants to be Taken Seriously". His skewed satirical takes on religion, growing up a geek, the midwest, and making the move to New York make him a surprisingly endearing crowd-pleaser. Catch this rising star NOW, before it's too late... seriously, catch him...

I mean it.

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Birthday: 2/15
Hailing From: Westerville, Ohio
Home Club(s): Stand-Up New York
Comic Inspirations: Bill Cosby, Eddie Izzard, Robin Williams
Favorite Working Comics: Rick Shapiro, Dan Naturman, Dov Davidoff

Steve's Michael J. Fox impression is so good you want to punch him in the face!
      -Bill Blank

Boyerific! Its an absurd word, yes. But one you'll use once you see the great Boyer.
      -Baron Vaughn

Steve is motivated, enthusiastic, optimistic, amiable, and creative. But most importantly, he's funny. Naturally funny. He can make you laugh just as hard off-stage - which he does with me regularly.
      -Steve Hofstetter

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