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Steve Hofstetter, Founder
Steve Hofstetter is the founder of Comedy Soapbox, originally crafting the website to simply take avails for a New York Room. Since then, he's helped expand Soapbox to accomodate thousands of members, and serve as a one stop shop for any comedian's needs.

As a producer, Hofstetter has run successful shows across the country, from bars and hotels to the Hollywood Improv and Comix.

Hofstetter is also an accomplished comedian, with over a dozen TV appearances, a syndicated radio show, and more than 250 live dates each year.

Danny McDermott, Founder
Danny McDermott is originally from Albany, with a B.S. in Ceramic Engineering from Alfred University. No, that's not a joke. It's a real degree. A dramatic actor since 1987, he recieved accolades from various newspapers in Alfred (NY) and Lima (Ohio) for his performances. Aside from guest hosting Barbara Walters' "The View" on ABC with 20/20's Jon Stostle, McDermott has also appeared on Comedy Central, the Queen Latifah Show, and in several commercials. You can see him performing stand-up all over the city, especially at Stand Up NY, the Underground Lounge, and Nevada Smith's. His duties with the Soap Box include overseeing the day-to-day operation of the clubs and auditioning new talent, among other things.

Sue Kelly, Comedian Recruiter
A few years ago Sue gave stand-up comedy a try, and she's been hooked ever since! A Philadelphia native, she has performed in many comedy clubs in the Philadelphia area and on the east coast. She also was a finalist in The World Series of Comedy competition at the Pittsburgh Funny Bone. She has met so many cool people and new friends through comedy that she found one of her favorite things to do was to share opportunties with others. This is what led to her becoming a Comedian Recruiter for the Soapbox. She also works as a computer help desk analyst (now you know why she performs stand-up comedy!!).

Dan Wilbur, Content Coordinator, Videos
Recently deemed the smartest man alive by himself and this other guy, Dan Wilbur is a New York-based comedian and writer. As a former student at a hipster college, Dan has learned hipster ways and witnessed hipster deeds. As a result, his material ranges from pot to poilitics to this one time he convinced all his friends that he invented the Spork. Constantly frustrated with the world’s stupidity, Dan’s clever stand-up will shield you from the drudgery of modern existence, rather than pull you down to his level of pettiness and boredom. Dan's writing is featured on,, Comedy Central Insider, and Dan is the recipient of William Paterson University’s “Funniest College Stand-up,” and was featured in the 2009 North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival. He currently works at Comix in New York.

Joel Rodriguez,

Julie Seabaugh,

Libee Stil, Regional Administrator, Alabama

Ronnete Daniel, Regional Administrator, Arizona

Michael Doc Davis, Regional Administrator, Arkansas
I am a certified project manager, more than capable of producing VERY high quality shows and / or events. I am also the owner of I can promote shows utilizing the latest methods and outlets.

Michael Goldstrom, Regional Administrator, California

Matt Lewis, Regional Administrator, California
Matt Lewis would love for you to laugh at his jokes, but he'd rather you think about what he says and get a get colon-cleansing, wet the boxers laugh rehashing it later.

Bob Hansen, Regional Administrator, Chicago
I manage several comedians in the Chicago area and am in touch with many local producers and clubs.

Curt Fletcher, Regional Administrator, Colorado

Curt Fletcher knew he wanted to be a comedian in 1984. Comedy was everywhere, clubs were opening all over the country. The only problem, Curt was just four-years-old. He took the stage for the first time several years later in Albuquerque, New Mexico, at Laffs Comedy Club, where he quickly became a local favorite. Drawing comparisons to Steven Wright and the late Mitch Hedberg, crowds love his well crafted one-liners.

Curt has appeared at some of the biggest clubs in the country with some of the biggest names of comedy including; Harland Williams, T.J. Miller, Carl LaBove, Josh Blue, Chris Porter, Theo Von, Dante and Brian Posehn to name a few. He advanced to the semifinals of the HBO Lucky 21 competition. He was also selected for the World Series of Comedy in Las Vegas, and the Laughing Skull Festival in Atlanta. In 2007, Curt performed for the University of New Mexico football team as part of their bowl game festivities. The Lobos beat Colin Kaepernick's Nevada team 23-0, Curt thinks it's because of him.

In 2006, he made his acting debut starring in independent film, "" The movie was selected for the Santa Fe Film Festival and Sin Fronteras Film Festival. Curt's television debut in 2010 on the late night talk show, "The After After Party," hosted by Steven Michael Quezada (Breaking Bad). He's appeared on the show four times. He also appeared on "The Morning Brew with Friends." Curt co-wrote "The Consequences of a Feeble Mind," with Marc Shuter (The Bigfoot Election). The screenplay was selected as a preliminary finalist in the Creative World Awards screenwriting competition. The movie will be filmed in 2015. He was also a writer for the AVN Awards on Showtime in 2014.

Curt's debut comedy DVD, "Curt Fletcher is Sold Out," will be available sometime in 2015. He also appears in "Dante Presents: Salute to the Troops," which was filmed live at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club in Hollywood. His comedy cd, "Fletcher in the Wry," will also be out in 2015. You can hear Curt on Pandora and Spotify.

Andy Kaufman, Regional Administrator, Colorado

Bob Meddles, Regional Administrator, Colorado

Linda Belt, Regional Administrator, Connecticut

Naomi Johnson, Regional Administrator, DC
Naomi produced and hosted her own live, late night talk show at the Old Town Theater in Alexandria. Naomi also produced and MC'ed a sold-out art show of Postsectret ( in May of 2006 and appeared in the Washington Post.

Naomi is currently in talks with the DC Improv an other DC area venues to produce a comedy competition to benefit the Pentagon Memorial Fund.

Kim Burke, Regional Administrator, Florida
Anyone else here from my country? Miami. channeling, beach days, and full moons. these are a few of my favorite things. behind the scenes in the wings is my comfort zone. flood lights, center stage, is a happy place. jumped on a comedy stage for the first time Jan 07. have worked in the comedy business since 2002. Wow 5 years. Best times.

Carin MacWithey, Regional Administrator, Florida
Carin has been involved with comedy since 2005. Since 2005 she's been learning every day and growing more and more. She loves meeting new up and coming comics and will give and take advice to/from anyone. She's a native Orlando comic from a Northern upbringing. Anything else you need to know you can ask her and she won't answer in third person...

Justin Lewis, Regional Administrator, Florida

Tu Kute, Regional Administrator, Georgia
Turning 50 does not have to be the end. For me it is the beginning of a life that I want to live my own way. Using the lessons from my life experiences is my way of living the rest of it with zest and a bring it on attitude. Warning: TuKute may say what you are thinking but afraid to say out loud.

Lance Martin, Regional Administrator, Georgia

Danny Browning, Regional Administrator, Indiana

Ross Duncliffe, Regional Administrator, Kentucky

Greg Banks, Regional Administrator, Maryland

Tom Myers, Regional Administrator, Maryland

Michael Lemme, Regional Administrator, Massachussetts

Mike Lemme is a 19 year old comedian from Chicopee,MA. He can be found performing all over New England.

Insane Man, Regional Administrator, Michigan

Fielding Fowler, Regional Administrator, Michigan
Fielding is a Michigan based comic and travels in the Midwest and East Coast. His comedy has been described as "twisted silliness" with a touch of the taboo topics. While some things he says may be inappropriate, you won't be offended unless you are a Catholic Priest Pedophile Goat Farmer. Fielding will offer any help he can to comics trying to make it, so feel free to ask!

Connie Ettinger, Regional Administrator, Michigan

Ken Reed, Regional Administrator, Minnesota

Comedian Johnny O, Regional Administrator, Missouri

Longhorn The Comedian, Regional Administrator, Missouri

Darrell Kiedo, Regional Administrator, Nevada
DKIEDO IS BOOKING FOR THE ALL ACROSS AMERICA TOUR 2014, Twitter Hasahag #AllxcrssA THE FUNNIEST CLEAN SHOW AROUND. Partial Proceeds benefit The Hagan Foundation For Education ( ) Comedy and more Comedy: Hosted by your favorite Comedian Darrell Kiedo - featuring comics from Comedy Central, Last Comic Standing, Showtime and Chelsea Lately. A wild-night of drinks and laughs. GUEST list available email NAME and Number in Party to, or Call 323-251-8865 FACEBOOK .International

Tony Deyo, Regional Administrator, New York

Scott Dunklee, Regional Administrator, New York

I have helped, by correcting the information on clubs listed that were either no longer a usable club or had the wrong information.

Jaime Martin, Regional Administrator, New York

Rick Morgan, Regional Administrator, New York
Any schedule changes and updates Long Island Comedy Clubs email: rmorgan44@optonline ........... the updates will be made immediately.

Dave Glardon, Regional Administrator, Ohio

Michael Night, Regional Administrator, Ohio

Sue Bump, Regional Administrator, Ohio

madukez bell, Regional Administrator, Oregon

chad riden, Regional Administrator, Tennessee

I'm the nerd behind ComedyNews.Org,, & other stuff.

I book random shows in Nashville including alt showcases, house shows, corporate things and one-nighters plus the world record breaking 184+ hour-long #BrokenRecordShow annually as part of the Nashville Comedy Festival.

Kiley Gray, Regional Administrator, Tennessee

Vince Vieceli, Regional Administrator, Tennessee

Matt Ward, Regional Administrator, Tennessee
Matt starting working as venue editor for in December 2010 is a full time stand-up comedian based out of Knoxville, Tennessee. He also runs

Michael Danziger, Regional Administrator, Tennessee
Michael "Ziggy" Danziger is Comedy Soapbox's resident expert on comedy clubs and venues in West Tennessee. Pretty snazzy, huh?!? He was Comedy,TN's 2006 "Funniest Person in Memphis" and is the reigning "Funniest Jew in the Deep South."

Ken (Tie Dye) Mathias, Regional Administrator, Texas

Isaac Thomas, Regional Administrator, Utah
26 year-old comedian Isaac Thomas has become the spokesperson for young comedy in the northern Utah/southeast Idaho comedy scene. He's been doing stand-up since he was 17 and knows several bookers of all sorts throughout the region.

Please contact him if you have any questions regarding where to find work or how to relate to the locals. He's a genuinly nice guy.

Brian Kerns, Regional Administrator, Virginia

Jay Gates, Regional Administrator, Virginia

Award winning writer/director:

· "Best Actor" 2007 48 Hour Film Project

· "Best Writer" 2007 48 Hour Film Project

· 93.7 Bob FM Television Commercials

· The Distance (Short Film)

· Enter "The FIST!" (Short Film)

· The Favor (Short Film)

· Sketch Comedy shorts for GBTV

, Regional Administrator, Wisconsin

Ted Riot, Regional Adminstrator, Michigan
Ted Riot from Detroit;

Born and bred below 8 mile on the Chrysler Freeway and winding up with a Private Catholic University degree, Ted Riot has been there and done that.

With all of the Ups, Downs, Ins, Outs and everything in between, Ted Riot has a Comixx Perspective on all of it.

If you are a Beer-Swillin' Blue Collar Redneck, you can laugh with him. And if you are a High-Class Suit Snob, you can laugh at him.

But either way at the end of the day Laughing you WILL be!

SuperNatural Star with a MotorCityMojo..................

Since 2003, The Comedy Soapbox has changed from a simple website of an indy NYC room to the largest comedy community on the web. The company, founded BY comedians, FOR comedians, was designed to help each other increase the opportunities for living our dreams and developing our art. The hope is that pooling of resources, creative advertising, and the support of the community will create a foundation strong enough to accomplish three things:

1) To always give comedians more stage time to explore and develop.

2) To help expand the public's view or definition of Stand Up Comedy as not just a form of entertainment, but an Art Form.

3) To make Stand Up more accessible for everyone.

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Graphic Designer
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