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First Annual Corazon Comedy Festival

| 0 Comments | 1618 Views | Back to top | Posted on 10/15/2017 at 09:30 PM

Corazon Comedy Festival was started by Sareth Ney. After he messaged owner of Corazon Cinema and Café, Karla Wagner, Ney wanted to help her rebuild. When he saw the photos of what Hurricane Matthew did to the establishment, he was devastated. Then, Hurricane Irma destroyed most of the property too.

Instead of resulting to crowdfunding websites, Ney wanted to take the traditional approach. He wanted to heal with laughter, sponsorships, advertisements and other ways. He wanted to do anything he could to help rebuild the theater and the city (St. Augustine, Florida) he loved.

Ney noticed there was not a comedy festival in north Florida. He wanted to bring one there. Central and south Florida has comedy festivals and he wanted to complete the rest of the state. Also, another reason he wanted to create the Corazon Comedy Festival was because he has a lot of comedian friends. The majority of his comedian friends were unable to afford travel expenses to participate at his other comedy-related festival in Pueblo, Colorado called Sareth-Fest Music and Comedy Festival.

All of the proceeds for Corazon Comedy Festival will go directly to rebuilding the Corazon Cinema and Café. Hopefully, it will help cover the majority or all of the expenses it accrued.

Price of entry is $5 for college students and military personnel. It will be $10, for those 18 and older. It takes place at Corazon Cinema and Café, on Dec. 17. There will be plenty of free parking all around the theater. There will be activities (i.e. workshops, classes, podcasts and more) at the festival too. The prices to attend each one will vary.

Submission fees are the following: stand-up comedy is $10, podcast is $15, motion pictures are $20 and improv/sketch is $25. Sponsorships and advertisements opportunities are available too. For ad space at the theater, it is $50 and it will be for the month of December. For $100—ad space on Ney’s publication,, will be available. 100s will see their ads at the Corazon Cinema and Café. 10s of 1,000s will see their ads on all of the content Ney produces on his publication, for the month of December. To purchase ad space, please pay through PayPal and to the email:

Submission fees can be paid on the Corazon Cinema and Café’s website, by visiting There is a link to the application, underneath the PayPal information.


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