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soapbox calendar

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I will be using the soapbox calendar and attaching it to my website. I submitted to the Martin grant. You can support the Martin Grant by buying T-shirts at I sell merchandise after my shows. I stopped selling the My love for you is stronger than any restraining order stressball hearts because its offensive. I sell stickers with a character of me in a straight jacket at a microphone with two orderlies behind me. I was in a straight jacket on last comic standing in 2008. I ask the audience if they ever heard of fop cards that they show to a cop and get out of a ticket. These are FOCP stickers Friend Of a Crazy Persons. Some people have asked for t-shirts with the logo on it. Im not sure if I'm going to get them. I'm going back to college in January. I am getting a car in January also and will be doing more comedy. I was in the accidental comedy festival at Hilarities in Cleveland Ohio recently. I am trying to get in Verified laughs at the laugh factory in Chicago. I'm going to submit a second video as soon as it becomes available. I am seeing a therapist. I posted a lot of helpful tips for people who are disabled or mentally ill about health insurance. Its at its about stable social security rule 1619b continued eligibility for medicaid and


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