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fear of wearing a cowboy hat

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I went to Dallas for a browns/ cowboys game years ago. My friend was living down there. a lot of us made the trip. I won the biggest game of dice ever $500 and at a bar I bought every girl in the bar a rose from the rose guy. I picked up a woman that went on to become a stripper. I was voted MVP of the trip. I was wearing a cowboy hat my friend had given us all for Christmas. This was in 1995. In January 1996 I was in the mental hospital for 3months. I continued to wear the cowboy hat even though I was in Cleveland, Ohio. I liked it it was a conversation starter. Women would often ask me why I was wearing a cowboy hat. I wore it to my psychiatrist apointment. He said I was Insane for wearing a Cowboy hat. The receptionist at the psychiatrists office was a black man wearing a chinese hat which I thought was more out of place than me wearing a cowboy hat. I told the Psychiatrist theres a few thousand listeners of wgar (country radio station) that would disagree with you. He said your delusional. So I haven't worn my Cowboy hat since that day for fear of being probated and put in the mental hospital. I had a counselor at that psychiatrist which was rare but I didn't talk to her about to many things considering the psychiatrist was so close minded. I have a counselor now that thinks I should be allowed to wear a cowboy hat if I want to. Im waiting to see what my new Psychiatrist thinks. Having a counselor is a new thing for me. This one I talk to Important things with like the causes for my hospitalizations which at first in 1986 was a psychosomatic disorder. Its difficult to talk to people about psychosomatic disorders because few people know what they are but my counselor is familiar with them. In 1996 I was hospitalized because people messed with me acting like they were with the government and plotting against me. They were very convincing. for years I thought the government was plotting against me because of this incident. I never heard from them again. I now know they weren't who they pretended to be and now nobody is plotting against me. I now do a joke about the incident.


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