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I had a good time & will be going back./Users/apple/Desktop/th-1.jpeg/Users/apple/Desktop/th.jpeg/Users/apple/Desktop/th-2.jpeg

Gay pride @ Belmore Bean Cafe

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So far I am having a good time at this cafe in Belmore. But their is this woman who thinks she is a comic and is trying to get my attendjon. I have hear that she is trying to get with men and when she is turn down she begins to spread lies about guys. The men who go this all know that I am Openly Gay and I sometimes say it when I am on stage. she is nasty and the next time I am at the cafe on the 25th of June she had better NOT be thir. because this cafe is GAY happy.

Belmore Bean cafe

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Ok so i went to the cafe last night & 2 woman try to het on me that KNOW that I'm Gay & they still try. So sad when i see this And i say NO you are NOT my type i into MEN - Fuck off #KICKROCKS

this time of year

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I love this time of year. it's when we gay men stared to help other Openly gay men.

The duplex cabary NYC

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Had a good time @ the club. I mate some nice gay man who are on this show. I can look forward to the next time I will be thir.

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