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Things I didn’t expect for a thousand, Alex.

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So, I had a good day. Emperically, that surprises the shit out of me. I got the vast majority of my necessities moved into my house today… which included clothes, a printer and an impressive array of sex toys. I … Continue reading

If he’s snoring, he must be alive…

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So, I sit here in a dark room. Well, whore dark, not actually dark. …because whores want just enough light to check for herpes. My dad’s medication for his bi-polar mania has him so loopy it’s like hanging out with … Continue reading

My left leg and eye lids are half in the bag.

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I made a poster today It’s the first application of my new logo. I’m pleased with it although I don’t necessarily agree with the poster’s message. (Purely because I’m stubborn.) That’s the link because right now wordpress is being … Continue reading

I’m astoundingly happy right now…

| 0 Comments | 981 Views | Back to top | Posted on 01/30/2012 at 05:47 AM

…like weirdly so. But it’s the good tingly weirdly. Not the gangrene tinglies. Those are bad. And every time I feel like this, things generally go my way. Or seem really good from the inside while contemplating the view from the outside … Continue reading

Deep thoughts from my top head…

| 0 Comments | 950 Views | Back to top | Posted on 07/30/2011 at 05:47 AM

…admittedly my lower head is much deeper. Well, figuratively. If I my genitals had better critical thinking skill than my cranium they would also dangle. So, when buying condoms at a gas station I realized how much they have you … Continue reading

Comedian Dorell Green
A good laugh heals a lot of hurt.

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