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Tonto? More Like No-No.

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OK, so that was a pretty lame post title, but I haven’t had coffee yet.

Not to be a big Debbie Downer on the 4th, but someone recently asked me if I think it’s offensive that Johnny Depp is playing a native Indian in the new Lone Ranger movie.

(And btw, I’m going to use the word “Indian” referring to Native Americans, Indigenous People, First People… because the Indians I know tell me they use the term Indian. Really. Straight from the Indians’ mouths.)

My two cents? Acting is acting and I think the best person should get the job but it only makes sense that that should probably be within that part’s specific race if it’s designated as such. I.e. Denzel Washington is never going to slather himself in white makeup and play George Washington. Can you imagine? People would riot!! WTF white people?!

I think if an actor of Japanese descent plays a Korean character, so what? An Italian guy plays a Jewish character, Mexican American plays a Colombian American (heeeyyy Manny Delgado!), ok but a blue eyed caucasian playing an Asian character is just stupid and racist and Johnny Depp playing Tonto is gross. Asians and Indians seem to get screwed the worst in this arena as enough people finally realized it was racist to do it to a black role and Latino roles are coming along, but they still get screwed too. Anyway, here’s something to chew on:


I’m a tech moron so I don’t know how to put this link on here in a fancier way, but it is a small sampling. There are many, many more examples out there.

On a cheerier note… HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY! As an immigrant to this country, my adoptive country and the only home I’ve known (I came here as a 5 month old) I am so proud to be an American. (please don’t sing that song) I am so grateful to live in a country where anything is possible, where I can stand on stage with a microphone and say anything I want – about religion, politics, sex, drugs, children, animals – ANYTHING. And then get paid for it! I’m grateful to live in a country where I am valued and was educated and where I know my daughter can achieve whatever she wants. I’m grateful to live in a country that supports me as a single mother. I’m truly living the American dream and there is no place else I would want to call home. This is my country.

Have a safe and happy 4th!

I’ll Take It

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I haven’t posted anything on my blog in quite a while. Busy busy busy, currently without any regular child care help and my mind has been all over the place. It has been a productive and happy time, but nuts. Today, being Mother’s Day, I thought it would be a good night to gather some thoughts before I commence my cookie eating/tv watching binge. (Mad Men awaits!)

So I’ll share this… Something that I REALLY wanted to happen this weekend, didn’t happen. On Friday afternoon, I was informed that “The Newsroom” (HBO) might be bringing back my character from an episode I shot a co-star role for back in March. I was told it would work on Monday and maybe again the beginning of June and I’d hear over the weekend. Well, on Saturday, I found out they decided to cut the role from the script.

BUMMER!! I wasn’t pissed off, but I had a mini-mope fest, and then moved on. Too much other stuff to think about anyway. Who has time to waste feeling sorry for oneself? That’s one of the perks of being a single-mother/working actor: even when things are slow, it’s insanely busy, so one must move the fuck on, like a big girl.

Being a mom has also taught me a lot about appreciating what I have at the moment. Moms know that moments in life can be alarmingly brief, phases come and go and there’s something completely different looking you in the face in what feels like the blink of an eye. Sometimes not getting what you want can be the best thing that ever happens to you. And yeah, sometimes it just sucks balls, but life is such a great adventure when we learn to love what is happening at the moment. What other choice is there? It will be gone in an instant, so embrace it.

Here is my bright side of getting axed from The Newsroom:

- I was informed there’s always the possibility the character could come back in a future episode (there’s one more left to shoot in their season, so…)

- More importantly, Aaron Sorkin thought enough of me to write more scenes for me – and then chop them – but how cool is that?! I’ll take it. Honestly, it’s one of the most exciting indirect compliments I’ve ever received as an actor. Would it be totally gauche to put that on my resume?

“Aaron Sorkin digs me so much, he writes deletable lines for me”

I had a unique and memorable Mother’s Day weekend. I hope those of you who celebrated felt loved and appreciated.

To all the strong, beautiful, fun, hard-working, thoughtful, vibrant, intelligent, caring, compassionate, supportive, exhausted, talented, generous, selfless, stubborn, creative, loving, nurturing, driven, wise, wise-ass moms out there… HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! You make a difference in this world every day. You matter and you’re awesome. All the crappy moms can take a flying leap. You know who you are.


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This was a long, busy week for us and I told Aubrey she could have a “movie dinner” before bed. That’s when she’s allowed to sit in the ugly-but-comfortable-given-to-me-by-my-BFF-when-I-became-a-signgle-mom armchair and eat dinner from a tray while watching a DVD. It’s her favorite thing to do at night.

She picked “The Lorax” and snuggled under a blanket on our armchair. Then she offered to share the chair with me.

“Mom, do you want to sit next to me? There’s space right here for you mom and we can share the blanket,” she said, patting the tiny plot of cushion beside her.

As usual, I was scurrying around, busy assembling some sort of dinner, putting dishes away, filling the dog’s water bowl, throwing shoes on the shoe rack. I finally came back with food for both of us and again she offered, “And when you’re done eating you can sit next to me on the chair.”

Sometimes her clinginess is exhausting, but hers is truly the sweetest love I have ever known. It is genuine and pure. After we finished eating, we most certainly did sit together, sharing a blanket, on a Friday night. 

Viva Room 3! YES To Teachers!

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Friendships that last! Viva Room 3!

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Today, on this beautiful SoCal Sunday in February, Aubrey had a play date reunion with her old classmates from preschool TWO years ago, when they were all three years old. We were only missing a small handful of kids and their assistant teacher who has since moved out of state. Their teacher, Ms Erika, was able to come and it was a wonderful get together.

These kids have all gone on to new teachers and different schools, but after all this time, they remain friends. They still attend each others’ birthday parties and when they saw each other today, they ran to one another, yelling each others’ names, excited to play, snack and yes, bicker, as if no time had passed at all.

While I’d like to give all the credits to the amazing mamas (and papas) who have made the effort to stay friends and be nice, normal, sane parents who are respectful and kind to one another, I have to give the biggest shout out to their teacher, Ms Erika (and Ms Esmirna). They were special teachers who went the extra mile for our kids by creating a sense of community and respect in their class and the lasting friendships of our kids is the real testament to the difference these two women made in their lives.

Teachers – YOU CAN make a difference. What you do for children is so much more than teaching letters and numbers. Teachers of both little ones and older children, your classroom is a microcosm for life beyond the school walls. You are giving your students examples of leadership, respect, love, compassion, discipline, integrity and so much more.

Here’s to all the great teachers out there, fighting the good fight and changing lives. I hope there are many more Ms Erikas and Ms Esmirnas in Aubrey’s future. If you had great teachers in your life, count yourself lucky! They are a rare breed. What teachers changed your life and why?


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Happy New Year From Us!

At the end of each year, my BFF, Jennie Wong (co-founder of, syndicated columnist of Ask The Mompreneur, friend extraordinaire & more) compiles a “done” list. New Years is a time when we tend to focus a lot of energy on all of the things we think we “should” do in the new year. I’m going to go to the gym every day, I’m going to stop eating carbs, I’m going to balance the national budget. I’ve never been a fan of New Year’s resolutions. Why shlep ancient negativity onto a fresh new slate? I love Jennie’s idea of reminding yourself of what you DID accomplish. In this busy day and age, it is too easy to forget what we’ve done as we are so quickly on to the next conquest. I can’t recall why I even entered a room about 4 out of 5 times, although I mostly blame that on the brain cell sucking powers of motherhood.

Whether you published a book, ran a marathon or finally organized your sock drawer, why not take a few minutes to remind yourself that the year was a fruitful one of growth and hard work? Or even if it’s a reassurance that the year wasn’t ALL bad, that’s ok too. Go ahead, inspire yourself to move into the new year with hope, drive and purpose. Excelsior!


Amy Anderson’s DONE List 2012

- Booked and shot two new tv stand-up shows (Stand Up In Stilettos & Nick Mom Night Out)

- Booked a national commercial

- Banner year of most stand up work booked ever in my 15+ yr career, as a result…

- Highest income year ever in my life

- Got back in shape, lost approx 10 lbs & began training for a half marathon (Jan 20, 2013)

- Got the ball rolling on financial and estate planning

- Re-established a healthy family relationship with my brother & obtained reliable, flexible, trustworthy, much needed child-care help in one-fell-swoop

- Paid off a substantial chunk of debt & starting to see the light at the end of a loooong, shit-filled tunnel

- Obtained health & dental insurance for both Aubrey and me

- Turned 40 and was given a VERY CLEAN bill of health after first ever annual exam including full blood work

- Rid myself of a toxic relationship and stayed happily single all year

- Most importantly, I am proud of the kind of mom I have been to Aubrey and I am the happiest I have ever been. Even though the year was incredibly busy (head spinning, to put it lightly) it was wonderful. And by focusing in on myself and my daughter, I experienced the deepest feelings of peace and joy I’ve ever had. I can honestly tell you, it doesn’t suck.





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