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New Club in OKC

| 0 Comments | 7331 Views | Back to top | Posted on 10/26/2007 at 06:16 PM

Last week I featured at a new Club in Oklahoma City's Bricktown. The comedy show is in a big multi-room venue called City Walk. The shows open with 30 minutes of Dueling Pianos followed by a feature and a headliner. The last show is followed by a dueling piano show. The club upstairs has a disco room, hip hop room, rock band room, karaoke room, a techno room etc..The club is super popular at this time and had a line of at least 100 people waiting to get in last Saturday at 11 PM. My guess is that Loonies warned off the local comics cause there wasn't a one hanging around the comedy club. I had a great time, two out of three sets we're great (I hate non-smoking crowds). I again had the pleasure of working with BT. It's a Summit room and I highly recommend it for comedians and audience alike. Hotel has a artery plugging free breakfast (eggs, sausage, and biscuts & gravy)for those up before 10 AM.

New Arkansas rooms

| 1 Comment | 5557 Views | Back to top | Posted on 11/11/2006 at 12:00 PM

I just worked two "new" rooms in Arkansas and thought "local" comics might want to know about them. Both rooms are one nighters, booked by east coast bookers. This means these are not the easiest spots to fill and the bookers are a little more willing to try somebody new. The Texarkana room is a Heffron room and the Hot Springs is a Summit. The Texarkana room (Heffron) is a Thursday nighter at a road house called The Electric Cowboy. From the outside it looks like a rundown, old, country western, outside of town, Roadhouse. Inside is a really nice country western dance club with a hip hop club attached. Keep in mind that this is Texarkana so the hip hop club is not very urban. The comedy nights draw from both groups. The crowd therefore is very diverse which is good. They responded to my stuff which doesn't always happen small towns in the bible belt. The drinks were free and the staff was great. The Hotel was better than most. The Hot Springs room (Summit) is a Wednesday nighter at a country western dance club called Boot Scooters. The club is not as big as The Electric Cowboy and the crowd is definitly Country Western (nothing urban at this room). The crowd was a little too christian conservative for my act (I bombed). There were enough bikers in the room so the headliner's (Russ Nagel Biker comic) act was well received. Inspite of my poor responce the managment was very nice and thanked me for coming. The hotel was GREAT. It's in a resort that almost totally empty this time of year. It felt like The Shining.

Fort Worth open mic

| 0 Comments | 5034 Views | Back to top | Posted on 09/01/2006 at 09:51 PM

In a fit of drunken madness I agreed to "take over" the Sunday night Open Mic night at The Black Dog Tavern In Fort Worth Texas. In years past this was my favorite Dallas/Fort Worth open mic. Gary Hood could not consistantly find rides to the show and the intermittancy affected audience size. I reluctantly agreed to run the show from now on. September 3rd brings my fourth show. After landing a "pick of the week" in the Star Tellegram's weekender section on 8/18 our audience is ramping up. Our show squeezes inbetween the big band sound of Monsters of Jazz (old nerds who play cool big band music)and the Sunday night Jazz Jam with Joey Carter (vibes players are the best anchors for jazz bands). Check this out, Comedy gets the coveted 8PM slot. Actually I think the Monsters bed time and Joey"s wake up time are both 9PM. We win by default. The Black Dog moved from their downtown location a couple of miles West and are now at 2933 Crocket, Fort Worth. The old Downtown crowd has thinned a little. I think most of the downtown folks don't have cars. Flip side, the bums don't have cars either. No more panhandlers out front, just a couple of guys smoking in the parking lot. As usual we get a few Jazz fans who come early for the comedy show and a few of us stay for the Jazz. A definite win win. It's my third week running the show and I'm making fewer mistakes and bumbles each week. I now carry an extra mic, mic stand, speaker wires and extension cords in my car. Sharing the facility with bands is brutal on equipment. So far we have had only 6 or 8 comics showing up so I don't put strict limits on stage time. I do have a big falsh light and will stop you when I see you struggling to find a closer. Better to cut and run than to bore the audience and piss off the other comics by letting a rookie go long. The karma from the old Black Dog has followed us to the new location. No dress code, no morals, just cheap beer and dirty jokes. If you find yourself in Fort worth on Sunday come on down for some cheap beer, cheezy jokes and free jazz.

Courtneys in moorhead last weekend

| 0 Comments | 5327 Views | Back to top | Posted on 04/14/2006 at 09:20 PM

I finally recovered from the Fargo,ND to Dallas, TX drive sometime Wednesday. It was exactly 1,111.1 miles from the hotel parking lot to my driveway. 18 hours of thinking "tax writeoff" over and over. Courtneys was great. El, the MC, always runs the shows at Courtneys the way a club should run. Shows on time, he never goes long, crisp anouncements. Thursday's crowd was a little young for this old hippie. They were very polite with more applause breaks but less laughter than on the weekend. All four shows Friday and Saturday were great. Even when the place didn't sell out the staff sat everybody down front and up the middle making the room feel fuller than it was. Audience laughed at even the weaker punches, no hecklers, paid attention. Just what an audience should be. I spoke to a lot of "regulars" in the bar afterwards & had great luck "trolling for drinks" after the show. It's great to perform in a real comedy club after 4 nights in a row of small-town occasional comedy venues. Also great to sit in one place for a few days. Hotel is great, food is good. No complaints.

comedyproductions Minnesota,Southdakota,Iowa run

| 1 Comment | 5281 Views | Back to top | Posted on 04/06/2006 at 11:16 AM

I'm just over half way through a two week run for conedy pro. working with headliner Steve Hirst. So far I managed to not get to plastered only once. The run started in Aberdeen ND at Comedy Down Under in the Ramada Inn. The crowd was a little light but we all had a good time. Drinking in Murphy's with Jack (GM) is always fun. Next was Brookings, SD. The Brookings Inn always packs out and Thursday was no exception. College crowd was great but very low T shirt sales. Friday and Saturday was at the "new" Pepperoni's, now located in Lewis Bowl on the south end of Sioux City. Firday was just over half full. Saturday filled to near capacity and they had added alot of chairs. Audience response was very good, probably due to the greeter/seater making sure the front of the room was packed in before allowing people to sit in the back. Sunday was Open Mike's place in Vermillion SD. Light but responsive crowd. Had a great time drinking with Mike and the staff. I didn't bother trying to sell T-shirts as crowd was so light. Monday was a long drive (6 hours) to Thief River Falls MN. Crowd of about 80 was great, inspite of being spread out in a very large room. t shirt sales were fair. Too many customers bought me shots after the show in the front bar. I actually got talked into doing my first tough man shot. Ouch! Tuesday's hangover drive to Walker was not too bad (about 3 hours). The Walker gig is in a casino out on the main floor. Comedy was not meant to be performed in the same room with 400 slot machines. The "crowd" of 12 (including bar staff) had an average age of about 150 years old. I was sure the "younger" couple did not speak english until they thanked me after the show. Ouch again. Atleast I got a chance to dry out. Wednesday's Ramada Inn gig in the Grand was the best so far. The crowd loved me but it did not translate to T shirt sales as they were mostly students with just enough money for beer and shots. The staff at the Ramada is fantastic. My glass was never empty. Ended up hungover again but drive this time is only one hour to Moorehead/Fargo. Moore Head is a Thursday through Saturday gig. I'm really looking forward to no driving for a few days prior to the drive home to Dallas. I'll report on Morehead next monday after I get home. Thanks for reading.

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