Comedians! Want to email every college booker in the country?

rest in peace George

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what can be said to someone who gave you the gift to lighten up a room? Seriously the guy was all that and some. I remember hearing him for the first time when my older brother worked at a record store. Yes I am feeling as if I have lost a dad and a mentor. Mentor now that is a word, what if we took out the men and mon then everyone would have montors not to confused with monitors. etc. the guy made it easy for me to become the class clown and irratate my enemies. God bless Madukez entertainer

my second wind

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how the hell are you all doing? as for madukez a lot better these last few years have proven to be eye openers. And without sounding like a crying baby I am glad to come through all valleys and trials still scratching my head. Really comedy is drama with a punchline. I finally recover from being hit by a car walking across the street christmas eve 2005. Only to be riding on a bus that gets rear ended by a three car wreck lol. Oh by the way I had just left my pain doc told him to keep the meds.

try and help a homeless family and they robbed me ran off with my cart of food. Turned around and the police gives me a citation for aiding and abetting a crime, hell I am the victim. So I end up wondering what the hello.

I am told by my son whom happens to be in the fourth grade that his fifth grade basketball team sucks, wow. He is right okay I was sitting here trying to lie and say they don't. And it is not the kids, but it is the inability of the coach to lay the basic foundation. But could you blame him, half the kids are playing dodgeball, and the other half tug a war. Do not get me wrong the only reason I some what know is due to being the only girl and yes I am quite rough.

well on a lighter note this is my only blog. Being born with sickle cell anemia sort of shuts me down. But other than that I am hanging on like a hubcap in the fast lane E-40 so it doesn't look like I am stealing his words.

take care Madukez

why comedy is drama with a punchline

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Because I said so now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and where did these words come from

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yes it is a fact, well atleast it is in the world of the son. That there are words that no one should ever attempt to say.

I will not and did you mean right now. Oh but do not leave out the famous, I didn't hear you, or the did you mean me? hell yeah you little lost boy seeing as there is no body else in here with us, and I sure as pig fat aint talking to myself.

Now I love all 35 of my children, at what level well lets just let time tell that. Seeing as this only applies to my son Carlton the other twenty don't count on this flaming theory of mine.

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