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What is Bored

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Ever been so bored that you think about fucking a round pastry. I have been, it comes when you think the world belongs to you. I don't mean that you are cocky. You are just in the thought that you are at the top of your game. I have been feeling this lately. I'm not sure if this is a trend or just something that will pass with time. The problem is that I know that I am funny whether others think so or not. Some of you have been through this. It's like writers block, only with a brick. Everyone thinks just because we are funny that we are like this all the time. For those people, I say hit them with a brick. The world is full of funny people, but only a few that speak the truth. Like "if you are to do unto others as you would have do unto you." Then all MEN would get a blow job.


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In the world today people are judgmental. They believe that they are above the world in their own way, sadly they are just judgmental. They think that they are the way and anybody else is wrong unless they agree with their way of thinking. They can do what they want, but when someone else does it they try to judge them as if they were better. The world today believes that they know what is right from wrong. The only problem with this is that the definition of right and wrong was created and defined by people. We as a race have defined our selves by our own definitions. The world is not as easy as everyone thinks it is. The world IS still full of wonder and excitement. This all stems from a personal experience. I was having a good time, I thought that the fact that I under normal circumstances I make sure they have a good time with out me doing anything. Suddenly when I decide to let loose they act as though this happens every day. I am simply trying to enjoy what little time I have. I am joining the military soon which means that soon my comedy career, what it is will come to an end. Not that the military is not funny god knows it probably is one of the funniest careers that you can get into today. I just think that the thought of enjoying the little time I have left should be spent enjoying myself and my family. So in closing I say if you are in the mood you should go with that mood it may be your last. YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN IT WILL END!!!

Crop Circles

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People today believe they can raise their children like a crop. You feed and water them and give them what they need to grow large and fruitful. I do not agree, you do not raise children. I myself have two boys. One is 7 and the other is 1.5. The 7 year old is my step son. That doesn't really matter, but I believe that one should be as truthful as one can. I believe that all you should truly do is teach your children. Teach them to think, that is what makes the difference. Parents who boast that they have raised such a good child are in my mind... nothing more than pompous ass people that take credit for their child's good choices. When a child turns out bad they try to blame music, movies, and any other thing they can think of except themselves. YOU DO NOT RAISE YOUR CHILDREN!! They are not live stock or crops, all you really do is teach them how to think. They make their own choices. You try and show them how to look at a situation and come out with the right answer, but no matter what you did your best. You only have a limited affect on your child's life and the rest comes from the outside. You can only hope that you've showed them the correct way to look at a situation and that they've come out in a positive manner. So if they turn out right, then you should say that you did your best and so far you helped make them a better person. You do not make them who they are, they do. Stop trying to make their lives yours. They make the decisions, if they do well then you should be proud of them and only them. All you did was start the process to which lead to their ability to make the right choice. LONG LIVE THE FREEDOM OF CHOICE AND A CHILD'S ABILITY TO MAKE IT. Parents always say learn from my mistakes. Why? Those were your mistakes not theirs! Let them make their own. They may learn from yours,but they may not. So don't dwell on it. Do like the boy scout motto says "Do Your Best" and leave it alone.

Improv Comedy - Not Just For Microchips Anymore

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I myself have a small chested woman and love every inch of her. I have no intention of listening to any woman's rant of my prejudiced words. I do however want to warn you that this is intended for anyone with a sense of humor, an open mind, a ability to smile, or just someone who's bored. (I've been there too) So without further ado... If your not laughing by the end of this, smash yourself in the head with a brick!
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I was in YouTube today and I came across a tuber that had allot of George Carlin stuff. Being a George fan I was more that happy to find it. But happiness turned into well I was pissed apparently HBO took a good chunk of his videos because they owned the rights. Well ain't that some shit. Nothing could be worse than having your holy grail taken. It shocks me that in a country that is "free" a dead man can't be remembered by his fans the way they want. As for me I will give my support to the men and women who lost their grail. In the spirit of George HBO = Happily Buttfucking Others.

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