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Money, honey!

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Mostly Comedy | Dominic Dierkes 2011

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We’re back, dummies! Andy and guest co-host Brandon Sams check in with Dominic Dierkes (Hollywood) and meet our latest underwriter.


What was missing from the Oscars?

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There was plenty wrong with last night’s Oscars; but before I get into that, I have to defend poor James Franco.

Everyone keeps ragging on James Franco about last night’s Oscar ceremony, but lemme tell ya something: James Franco did nothing wrong (dressing in drag notwithstanding). James Franco was aboslutely James Franco to a “t.” What would have been weird is if James Franco were out jumping around and singing parody songs in Hugh Jackman’s gay voice. I have no problem with Franco himself lastnight, I only have a problem with the people who thought it would be a good idea for him to host.

Which brings me to..


1.) Youth

The very move of booking James Franco and Anne Hathaway as hosts said to America, “We want a young, hip audience for this year’s Oscars!” But the repeated throwbacks–nay, SPEECHES about Oscar ceremonies of the 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s said to America, “Hey young, hip audience– I think Groundhog Day is playing on TNT right now. Check that out.” It was an odd dichotomy.

2.) Surprises

I’m not talking here about “upsets”– I don’t begrudge any of the winners, they all did just a fine job. Which is not to say that an upset wouldn’t have been fun (would have really liked to see Hallie Steinfeld take Best Supporting Actress and be like, “YEAH, Melissa Leo! In your FACE! And also in your cleavage that you keep insisting that we all look at!”). No, I just mean that there was absolutely NOTHING that I didn’t expect all night long. No surprise musical performances, no fun sketches, no weird shadow art dancers. Even the opening was the tired “let’s green screen ourselves into the movies of the past year” bit. And speaking of which, BILLY CRYSTAL was the biggest surprise of the night. When Billy Crystal is your ace-in-the-hole, you’re in trouble.

3.) Comedy

Please tell me this isn’t just me. Oscars have always been a little funny! And it wasn’t just the lack of a comedian host, because the Oscars were even funny the year Hugh Jackman hosted. No, there was nothing. Remember when the Oscars seemingly randomly threw together Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly as presenters, thus forming the duo that brought us Talladega Nights and, to a lesser extent, Step Brothers? The only comic I can remember presenting last night was Russell Brand, who did a hilarious two-line Villanchism insinuating that Helen Mirren wanted his balls. It was both half-assed and unbelievable (unbelievable because when Helen Mirren wants your balls YOU DAMN GIVE THEM HER).

So we’re all in agreement? Jon Stewart returns to the gig next year?

Oh– one last note. Celine Dion did a sad commercial where she sang “Happy Birthday” to people who are surviving cancer (which, by the way, glad we spent money buying the notoriously expensive rights to that song rather than donating the money to, say, cancer research), then in the Oscar telecast, she sang “Smile” over the In Memoriam montage. Well which is it, Celine Dion?? Life or death?? PICK A SIDE!

In defense of SNL

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A note to all those who claim that they “have always been HUGE Saturday Night Live fans” but are “so disappointed” with the show now: STOP IT.

If you were really the huge SNL fan that you claimed to be, you’d have been watching this whole time, and you would know that this show has NEVER been 100%. Your memories of the show have been tainted from watching “Best Of”s and clip shows.

This show is as good as it’s ever been, which is to say that it really knocks it out of the park every once in awhile. You probably think to yourself things like, “This show will never be as good as it was those first five years with Chevy and Steve Martin and Bill Murray.” Well, three things: 1.) Chevy and Bill Murray were never in the cast together; 2.) Steve Martin was never in the cast at all; and, most importantly, 3.) I own those first five seasons on DVD. They are not great. A lot of the time, they are downright painful.

I remember when I bought the first season on DVD. I was really excited for some downright funny. This was gonna be what I was waiting for. I was ready to think things like, “Why can’t the show NOW be more like this?” Well, that first season has some really funny moments in it. MOMENTS. There is no one episode– nor has there ever been– that is dynamite the whole way through. I quickly had to settle in for the fact that if I was going to be watching full episodes of old Saturday Night Live, it was going to be a historical study rather than a quest for entertainment.

And if you’re thinking, “Well, they hadn’t hit their stride yet,” well, it’s a little true. The show improves in season two a little bit when Bill Murray joins the cast and Steve Martin starts hosting, fusing his new, young, silly sensibilities with the show’s. But the fact remains that week-to-week, the show then was actually much worse than it is now. Even funny sketches go on WAY too long– a couple of video pieces are so long that they had to take commercial breaks in the middle of them!

Even if you happen to think, as Dana Carvey sang (?) last night, that ’86-’93 was the best, well, it wasn’t much better. Ah, who could forget those key years that included cast members Anthony Michael Hall and Robert Downey, Jr.

That’s not fair. This was actually a pretty good era for the show. We all know, as we not only grew up watching this cast live, but also watched it for years to come in hour-long reruns on Comedy Central. And remember how sad it got sometimes? Anybody remember “you like-a the sauce”? They did that TWICE. And those were just the sketches they chose to leave IN when they edited the show down to one hour for syndication.

..Which brings me to my point, surprising even myself: maybe the show should go down to an hour? You’re saying, “Andy, haven’t you just spent this whole rambling trying to convince us there was no problem with the show, only to now present a solution?” No, stupid person I imagined. You’re missing the point (so stupid). I’m saying there has ALWAYS been a problem with the show. It is something you accept as a true lover of the show, like when you accept that your boyfriend hits you because he’s got a sweet motorcycle. And I think the problem with SNL is it’s length.

Can you imagine ANYONE selling a sketch show today that’s an HOUR AND A HALF long? Even with two musical performances, that’s a bit much. I mean, granted, what else is NBC gonna air on Saturday nights? We may as well get a not-so-great extra half hour of sketches. (The show is and always has been arranged in an “inverted pyramid,” which is to say that they usually put the best sketches at the top of the show, and the worst near the end of the show, so that they can be cut for time if need be.)

But think back to those hour-long cuts of SNL that we used to watch on Comedy Central (and by the way, CC– letting SNL rights lapse and instead buying up MadTV rights? WORST. DECISION. EVER.). Did you ever MISS sketches? When you watched an episode on Comedy Central that you remembered watching live, did you ever scream at your TV anything like, “HEY BUT WHERE’S THE ‘AND YOU CAN PUT YOUR WEED IN IT’ SKETCH??” Nah. And that hour still had both musical performances in it. Even the OnDemand episodes of recent SNLs are edited down to an hour. They know!

But the fact remains: it’s always been like this. So if you’re just gonna be all “Saturday Night Dead” about it all the time, just pop in your “Best Of Adam Sandler” DVD and leave us the fuck alone. Or better yet, watch any episode of MadTV, and think, “Well at least it was never this bad.”

Mostly Comedy | Dominic Dierkes

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This week we talk to Dominic Dierkes (Parks and Recreation, Community), and listen to excerpts from Werner Herzog’s new book.


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