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Just talkin'

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June 6th Two more days and I'll be celebrating another year of youth!! WOW!! What will I do for a Tuesday Birthday? Drink? Eh...but if some females are involved...well I think you know the answer to that one"Hell 2 tha yeah".."pour me another one"!! I actually have 4 drinks that I drink, and here they go 1. Frozen Marguerita-- This is "my shit"!! Damn, I love this drink!! This drinks make sme happy and sad at the same time. Happy because that's just who I am and then sad when I realize, "Shit, I have nothing to eat in my apt or even a booty call in this town!" But overall?..Yeah, this drink is my drink. 2. Mojito's-Awe man, this one is slowly starting to creep up on number 1!! I mean it's sweet-and right there you got me-it's got mint and rum? Which means you can get drunk and talk to a girl and still have "minty fresh breath", which, if you've been following me , know that leads to the ultimate equation, "A drunk with good breath makes me damn near unstoppable!" It's like I'm a "Superhero".. Liquid courage with good breath?..Yeah dude, this is my drink!! 3. Smirnoff Ice- This one is good because you can drink it at a bar and "act" like it's a beer and then when some dude starts giving you grief about drinkin' a pussy drink?..You can break it over his head like in the Cowboy movies!! Plus they come in different flavors. Nothing will confuse a man more than knowing he got "cracked" over the head by a "straight" guy drinking a "sour Apple Smirnoff Ice".. He'll walk out like "You sure it was a "straight guy", you sure".."Dude after he knocked you out, he said "I bet I get some pussy after this, and then he walked away with a chick with medium-sized tits!" (Side-note).. I chose medium sized tits because, a drag queen would choose "Huge tits" to allure men, so as there is no confusion...Now, back to T-Time!! 3.a Frozen Daquiri--That's probably the only reason I like New Orleans, they serve these drinks for "Breakfast"!!..It's the same as for Margueritas so I'll spare you the redundancy!! Other than that, the most exciting thing I did was Saturday, when I logged over 400 miles on the bike!! And my butt,neck,back and everything else hurt, but was it fun? Hells to the yeah so I can't bitch to much!!...One of the greatest and coolest things about riding a motorcycle?..They always turn's like they still conjure up memories or rebelliousness and it's cool. As a matter of fact, just for shits and giggles, lets make a list of "Things that turn heads even though it's nothing new" no particular order 10. The sound of a motorcycle..Always the original head turner 9. A hot chick...okay maybe this is the original head turner.8.A hot chick with big tits..Do I need to explain this one? 7.A really,really,really fat person-- Just so you can feel good about yourself and so you can say at least once in your life"Oh MY GOD" and mean it!! 6.A Limborghini--Whatever you're doing you must stop and look at this car because you won't see this everyday..even in LA!! 6. When someone says "Fight--- Men and women will both stop and stare. Men, so they can say, "I woulda ..." and Women so they can "nip out" and say to themselves.."That was hot and I kinda wanna sleep with the won that cracked the guy over the head with the Smirnoff Ice bottle, so manly"!! Good day to you all!!

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