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Bitter Old Blog – Bring Back Consequences

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The removal of consequences has really made this country immature. Used to be, even criminals had honor. Now, the game is all about how much more cowardly your act can be. Shooting in the back was cowardly 100 years ago, even against another armed man. Now you have to mow down elementary school. I can sit back and blame lawyers for removing consequences, but like anything else, people only get as uppity as they are allowed to. Lawyers and politicians wouldn’t be so troublesome if they were told to shut up, and had consequences for their actions. Ditto police corruption, and informants. They get free passes to rat people out, and if they are lying, or framing, there is no punishment to them, so why should they stop?

We boxing fans complain about corruption, but whay should referees, judges, and promoters stop? There is no consequence. Public humiliation, jail time, stiff fines. A little bit of ass-kicking on the part of the victims might restore some order… and grow people up a little bit. Don’t get me wrong. Old school justice was not a great time, because it was too strict, and enforced by an oppressive religious midset. But like most things in this country, we overcorrected. Children were seen and not heard, never catered to, and told to shut up until they were 30, and just listen. Now, that was too harsh, but nowadays, the world revolves around them. And we wonder why nobody wants to grow up anymore. Why should they?

We treat older/aging people like crap. Everyone on TV had gray hair in the 60′s. Now, if you show one, you’re put out to pasture. Youth is already awesome.. we don’t need to cater to them, and make them dumber for longer, which is what happens. What is going to change this? Moderates need to act more crazy… which is not in their nature. The crazy people too often win the day, because they are the loudest.

New CD: Hitting The Wall

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Chris Strait: Hitting The Wall – now available on iTunes

Chris Strait on The Best Medicine

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Chris Strait was a guest on The Best Medicine — A comedy podcast with Dan Gabriel and Robert Duchaine.

Had to cancel east coast trip. :(

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I just had to cancel my CT and MA spots, as well as my NYC dates.  But I will be back in NY/NJ in November, one week after my first festival in 7 years… The Ventura Comedy Festival

Hello world!

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Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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