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This is a 2nd test

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Boom boom boom test test test.

This is a test

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Boom boom boom… You are getting this because you are subscribe to!

Macy's North Pole

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This is not a review of Macy's. Rather it's a review of the North Pole at Macy's. Let me first preface this by saying, it's difficult to do an accurate review of this whole Santa thing because most of your time spent here will be on line with other parents and their kids, so your experience will mostly depend on the intelligence of the parents and the level of insanity of their kids. In my experience most of the parents were bearable. One of them was video taping every single thing that was happening probably so people would know what happened there in case we didn't make it out alive. There was one parent I wanted to smother with a stuffed reindeer because she thought it was the cutest thing in the world that, when she rubbed her head on her infant's belly, it induced a blood curdling scream from the little beast. So, she decided to keep doing it for approximately 30 minutes while her family watched and laughed and everyone else around them searched their purses for ibuprofen or Prozac. That being said, most of the other families were nice enough. There was one set of parents with a child taller than them and I can only surmise that either the child was a 6 year old with a glandular problem, or a 14 year old they couldn't bear to break the news about Santa to. Despite the slight remorse for the child's probable lifelong emotional issues, they didn't bother me too much. The pictures they took with the elves were a bit over the top, but to each his own. Half of the children behaved themselves rather well for the two and a half hour wait to see a fat man getting paid minimum wage to have the youth of America sit on his lap, I'm guessing, out of their fear of landing on the naughty list. The other half behaved themselves because, well let's just say, (and I never thought I'd hear myself saying this) thank God for the i-phone and Angry Birds! The line wound around the store, through the staff only door into the back offices, around the taped off areas under reconstruction, back through the offices where you laughed at the people coming in because they didn't realize how long the line really was, and back out into the store before finally entering the mile long maze of bizarre Christmas myths leading to I'm guessing ten to fifteen rooms, each containing the one and only Santa Clause. Along the way, Santa's helpers were there to guide you on this magical journey. Some of them had the attitude of a union worker at the DMV and some of them with the attitude of an actor from Oklahoma giving their first audition to Steven Spielberg. As for the fat man himself, he handled himself quite well I thought, considering my shrewd businessman of a 5 year old rendered him speechless when what he wanted for Christmas was a big chunk of gold. He looked at him, then looked at us, and said, "Uh... let me think on that one. Is there anything else you want?" The list my son gave him after that included a real baseball field and team (preferably, the Yankees), real baseball bases (I'm guessing for the Yankees to play), and a digital camera (probably to take pictures of the Yankees). He then said the only thing he could say, "Let me work on it and see if we can't find some sort of compromise." Then we paid $23 dollars for one photo of us all around Santa and waited on another line for 45 minutes to get it printed out. Was it worth it? Absolutely. It made a great article. Would I do it again? Not this year.

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Comedysoapbox people get half price tickets (only $5) to the first run of "How NOT to Act" - Danny McDermott's one man show about 8 characters in an acting class. It's a hilarious insider view of how industry people make money on the side. We're very excited to produce this piece and hope you all will attend. This show will be performed in a small black box theater, so there are only 30 seats and they will go fast. The tickets will be given to the first people who respond to this email. Please see the info below. Just Email to reserve! Show #1 Time: 9:00PM Thursday, January 28th Location: Producer's Club Studio 5 - 358 West 44th St. and 9th Ave. Show #2 Time: 8:00PM Saturday, January 30th Location: Producer's Club Studio 5 - 358 West 44th St. and 9th Ave. Thank you and we hope to see you there!! Thanks, Danny


Yes, I did. I actually met the man, for the second time. The first time he was walking down the street and I chased him down going, "Steve... Steve! Steve? Steeeeeeeve... Steve!" Until, finally, he ran over to me and shook my hand, "Yeah, Hi." and ran back to guide his woman through the crowd. This time was much better, though. This time, he was a captive audience. See, the NY Times had a special taped interview with him last night about his book "Born Standing Up", and my wife's mother had a friend who couldn't use her tickets, so... She gave them to us!!!! Let me preface this by saying I never get star struck. I’ve met a lot of celebrities as a comedian. I’ve met John Travolta, Christopher Walken, Penelope Ann Miller… I've had long conversations with David Spade, Vince Vaughn, Ben Stiller... I've hung out with Lewis Black. Nathan Lane and I hung out for an hour at O’Flahrety’s one night. I had Jewel sign the Playboy magazine with a print ad of me in it right next to Brian Dennehey’s signature. I met her on the set of Saturday Night Live, where I also met Sting, Courteney Cox, Will Ferrell, Chris Farley, Adam Sandler, Norm Mcdonnel, Bob Sagat, Jim Brewer, and Jim Carrey (Very cool guy by the way). I ran a comedy room for ten years where I booked Jim Gaffigan, Sara Silverman, Orney Adams, Bryan Callen, Ellen Cleghorn, Ed Helms, and Paul Mecurio… The list goes on and on… But never before have I been so excited to meet a celebrity in my life. Steve Martin was the first comedian ever to fill a rock arena! He was the most unique and funny comedian of his generation. I remember listening to his comedy albums when I was a kid. I just totally connected with the zany insanity of this totally wacked out guy in a white suit. So, you can imagine my excitement when my mother-in-law, or as I like to call her, “The Saint”, offered us the tickets to see Steve Martin in a live taped interview with the New York Times! We got there an hour early and waited online. I wouldn’t allow my wife to talk about anything unless it had to do with Steve Martin. I had his book in hand as we walked into the tiny theater and ran to the second row and dove on two seats directly in Steve’s (I call him Steve now) sightline. I knew where he was going to sit based on the fact that the interviewer’s chair is always pointed more towards the interviewee’s chair so they are more open to the audience. After repeated warnings from my wife not to embarrass her, the lighting changed to signal that the interview was about to begin. Looking at the program, I thought it odd that the interviewer’s bio was more than twice as long as Steve’s. Then, I realized, it's just like Steve to downplay himself like that. Anywho, he was great during the interview… very down to earth and enlightening. Then, it came down to the point where they were taking questions. After another warning from my wife, I walked up and stood on line behind one of the two microphones without a question in my head. I didn’t care what I asked, as long as Steve (I call him Steve) responded to me. At this point, I’m completely oblivious to anything Steve or the questioners are saying due to the fact that I’m panicking over figuring out a question because I’m up in two people! Finally, I think of a vague question that I’m hoping will take full form by the time I open my mouth when, suddenly, I hear a familiar voice asking a question at the other microphone! I turn to see Scott Blakeman (a fellow comedian) telling Steve that he was also a comedian and that he actually had interviewed Steve years ago. Great! Now, how am I going to introduce myself??? Finally, Steve answers the question and turns to me and says, “Yes, the man with the green shirt.” I look down to realize I’m not wearing a green shirt and I must have missed a joke somewhere as the audience laughs. I look back up and say, “This is weird. We really didn’t plan this (pointing towards Scott), but I’m a comedian as well. (audience laughter) You’re my top favorite comedian. In fact, when people have asked me who’s my favorite comedian, who’s your biggest influence I’d always say Steve Martin. You’ve always been at the top of the list…” Before I can ask the question, Steve interrupts, “Really? (audience laughter) Let’s test this out. Let’s practice it once. Excuse me sir, who is your favorite comedian of all time?” At this point, there is a swell of laughter and applause as I realize, “I’m in the middle of a bit with STEVE MARTIN!!" The Wild and Crazy Guy! King Tut! The man who used to “Get Small”! “THE Steve Martin is setting me up for a PUNCH LINE!” I had to wait for what seemed like forever to let the laughter die down before I give him my answer. I lean into the microphone and say “George Carlin.” “Dammit!” says Steve as he shakes his fist in the air and the audience laughs. It was amazing! I asked him how he wrote his material and he said the same thing we all say, "Sometimes I came up with stuff onstage. Sometimes I thought of it sitting around and took it to the stage." After sitting down I turned to my wife and said, “I think we work well together.” Afterwards, we drank a single glass of wine as Steve signed his new book “Born Standing Up” for me. I said, “Steve, thanks for the comedy.” to which he said, “You’re welcome.” Then, my wife grabbed my hand and walked me, floating like a helium balloon, to the subway. Steve, if you happen to come across this blog, if you want to come to my one man show, you’re comped +1. Thanks for reading, Danny P.S. This morning, my two year old son looks at my wife and says, "Daddy met Steve Martin last night. He's a funny guy. He dresses like a rabbit."

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