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What’s in a name?

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What’s in a name?

Love this discussion about Petruchio.

In Q2 of Romeo and Juliet (1599), at what modern editors would number 3.1.90, occurs a line of type, centered and reading “Away Tybalt.” It looks like a stage direction, and is so taken by most editors. But in 1960, George Walton Williams wrote an [...]

Top 5 viewed posts….and 1 is a guest post. lol.

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1. POEMS ABOUT Shakespeare 6435 reads. Always been the leader of the pack this one.

2. POEMS ABOUT Language… 4045 reads. One of my favourite sections.

3. A PAPER – A Prosodic Odyssey: Sorting the sonnets from page to stage. 2351 reads. A paper on the quarto of sonnets and its contents.

4. GUEST Post: Translating [...]

Women of Will: that would be scanned…

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We all know women, and particularly the roles Will wrote for women, were never acted by women on the Elizabethan stage. But structurally men or boys rather took the women's roles. (Cross-dressing seemingly being in the English genes from Panto to POW camps ever since). The French allowed women on their stages, the Spanish too. So why not the English?

Numbers and Accens

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Rhetoricians identify two ways in which passions are represented in recitation: through NOMBRE or the rates of speech and ACCENS or tones of voice.

The Shakespeare Oracle

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Shakespeare never mentions Tarot cards. And Lewis in King John has this to say about cards: Have I not here the best cards for the game, To win this easy match play'd for a crown? And shall I now give o'er the yielded set? No, no, on my soul, it never shall be said.

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