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Amy Patrick
NYUCF, TSI Playhouse, Various NYC Comedy Clubs
New York (New York City)
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9/24 - 6:17 AM

Must have been the liberal police...
9/22 - 6:17 AM


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Amy Patrick is a writer and comic who performs around the NY area. She has performed at the 2005 and 2006 NY Underground Comedy Festival, warmed-up audiences at the TSI Playhouse, and performed at many clubs in NYC including, The NY Comedy Club, The New Improv, The Village Lantern, Joe Franklin's, The 5Spot, HA! Comedy Club, and Therapy. As a comic she has been trained by Jim Mendrinos and David LaBarca.

She has been a member of the improv team "The Carl Weathers Experience" and was a member of the "Neighborhood Watch". She is also a founding member with Josh Homer and Simeon Goodson of "Generation Stockholm" which works in comedy, film, and other media.

As a writer Amy has had her one-act play "Closing Time" performed by the Stockyards Theatre Company. She has had her screenplay "I-95" read at the Angelciti Screen Workshop and her other screenplay "Something So Right" (co-written with Kristy DeVaney) was in consideration for a Nicholl Fellowship. She has her own culture blog at She also reviews books and works as a freelance and comedy writer.

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Birthday: 10/28
Hailing From: Carlisle, Ohio
Debut: 12/21/04 @ NY Comedy Club
Home Club(s): 5Spot Supper Club, Bar Reis, Improv
Comic Inspirations: George Carlin, Elaine May, Richard Pryor, Lily Tomlin
Favorite Working Comics: Chris Rock, Patton Oswalt, Kathy Griffin, Patrice O'Neal
Favorite TV Shows: Reno 911, Chappelle's Show, 6ft Under, AbFab
Favorite Movies: Boogie Nights, Some Like it Hot, Short Cuts, Fame
Favorite Books: Fortress of Solitude, American Psycho, The Pearl, Valley of the Dolls
Favorite Music: Old School Rap, Soul, and Dance Music

I recently saw Amy perform, and I gotta say, doing a five minute set with references to Atticus Finch, Harper Lee, and William Faulkner...she'd better dumb it up if she expects to make it in this town.

btw - you spelled Playhouse wrong in your credits.

      -Harris Bloom

What I like about Amy is she's just as funny on stage as she is off. She's very advanced for the amount of time she's been doing this, and is an excellent writer.
      -Alan Schwartz

There are people that go to open mics who are brand new and do really awfull. You ask yourself do they suck because they are new or do they suck because they suck. You Amy were good right off the bat. Sure like all of us we need to develop and get stronger sets and material....but you came into the game with originality and a point of view that made you deservidly one to notice and a pleasure to watch. You were funny from the get go.
      -Robin Fox

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