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Mrs Hughes
Ice House, Nugget, Reno, Showboar, Atlantic City,
California (Los Angeles Area)
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The first time you see Mrs. Hughes you might think, “She could be my neighbor.” She’s just about the last person you’d expect to see in a night club, so the fact that she is performing in one is even more peculiar. Mrs. Hughes began her comedy career when she was forty. “Years ago I heard Merv Griffin interview Phyllis Diller, and she said she started doing comedy when she was thirty-nine. I remember saying to myself at that time, ‘I could do that.’. I don’t remember thinking about it again until I was forty and met a woman at Weight Watchers, Candy Carr, who was a comedienne. I asked her how to get started and she said, ‘Write five funny minutes and go to the Improv.’ I already had five funny minutes, so I went. It was terrific. I remember the M.C. saying, ‘Go for it Mama, you’re funny.’ I got a huge ovation and I was hooked.” When asked what her husband thinks, she says, “We made a pact when we got married, I don’t change the oil in the car and he doesn’t think. Actually that‘s unfair, he’s very supportive, however I believe he thought comedy would be like that Afghan I started. I’d work on it for a while, lose interest and stick it up in the attic with the exercise bike.” About her family, she has “two beautiful daughters and Scooter the surfer dude, (who is a drummer in the rock band “PUS”). Her older daughter is a Senior Unit Leader for Creative Memories and is married to a Senior software architect. She has a son, Devon. Her younger daughter, is a cosmetologist. She has three children; twins, Brandon and Justin and the youngest, Rini. “That’s right,” she says. “I’m a grandmother, I just don’t have any jokes about it ‘cause they live with us and it’s not funny.” Of course when you hear her talk about it you realize it is funny... very funny.” Her act is punctuated with observations on husbands, “They’re like brassieres, sometimes you just want to be rid of them and go free. But you can’t ‘cause you need the support.” It was just this sort of remark that caught the eye of the RUSS BERRIE COMPANY, and her line of greeting cards, “ACCORDING TO CAROL” was in 100,000 stores and gift shops throughout the country. When Merv Griffin found her she became the comedy star of his revue, “LOVE AND KISSES” at Resorts in Atlantic City and “ISLAND FEVER” near Las Vegas. About Mrs. Hughes, Merv said, “She’s my new favorite funny star.”

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Birthday: 10/3
Hailing From: Miami, Florida
Debut: 6/3/05 @ Improv Hollywood
Comic Inspirations: PJYLLIS DILLER

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