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Jay Gates
Maxim Mag, HBO's Project Greenlight, TLC, DISC
Virginia (Southeastern)
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From the streets of New Orleans comes the wit, humor and extreme stage presence of Jay Gates. At age 19, while attending Old Dominion University, Jay discovered his talent for making people laugh and decided to take it to the stage. After running an improv show for 3 years and performing at various venues around the area, Jay took his show on the road and has since performed at clubs from New York to Hawaii, with comics such as David Alan Gier, Kevin Meaney, Dave Mordal and Brett Leake. Jay's award-winning writing and acting has been recognized and featured on HBO's Project Greenlight, Maxim Magazine Online, Kevin Spacey's, The 48 Hour Film Project and the Hawaii Funny Fest. He's appeared on the Discovery Channel, National Geographic and TLC as an actor and is currently in the process of reorganizing the New Orleans Comedy Festival. Jay is committed to entertaining the masses at any means necessary. Never stop writing is Jay's motto and Never stop performing is his mission. With a little bit of time and a whole lot of gas money, Jay Gates looks forward to performing in a town near you.


***2006 Hawaii Funny Fest***

· The Triad. New York City, NY.

· Ha! Comedy NYC. New York City, NY.

· Ha! Comedy NYC. Virginia Beach, VA.

· The Improv. Baltimore, MD.

· Funny Bone. Richmond, VA.

· Funny Bone. Virginia Beach, VA.

· Funny Bone. Columbus, OH.

· Charlie Goodnight's. Raleigh, NC

· Comedy Zone. Norfolk, VA.

· Sharkey's Comedy Club. Honolulu, HI.

· Go Bananas Comedy Club. Cincinnati, OH.

· Comedy Off Broadway. Lexington, KY.

· The 1160 Room. Los Angeles, CA.

· Groucho's. Club Med (Port St. Lucie, FL). Cocoa Beach, FL. Melbourne, FL.

· Thoroughgood Inn Comedy Club. Virginia Beach, VA.

· McCurdy's Comedy Theatre. Sarasota, FL.

· Laff Trax. Greenville, SC.

· Lucy's. New Orleans, LA.

· Comedy Blast. Allentown, PA.

· Wiseacres Comedy Club. McLean, VA.

· South Street Comedy CLub. Jackson, TN.

· Dr. Dremo's. Arlington, VA.

· Downtown Levels. Elizabeth City, NC.

· Summit Management: Seneca, SC. Hampton, VA. Lima, OH. Blacksburg, VA.

· Comedy House Theaters: Columbia,SC. Jacksonville, NC. Collinsville, VA.

· Hysterical Management: Morgantown, WV. Marietta, OH. Mansfield, OH.

· Giggles Comedy Clubs: Wrightsville Beach, NC. Winterhaven/Cypress Gardens, FL. Homosassa Springs, FL. Ocala, FL. Kingsland, GA. Waycross, GA. Valdosta, GA. Binghamton, NY.

· Gabby's Comedy Club. Ripley, W. VA

· Spankys Comedy Club. Va. Beach, VA.

· Host/Emcee, Comedy Improv Workshops. Thoroughgood Inn Comedy Club. Virginia Beach, VA.


· Virginia Tech. Blacksburg, VA.

· Clemson University. Clemson, SC.

· East Carolina University. Greenville, NC.

· Old Dominion University. Norfolk, VA.

· West Virginia University. Morgantown, West VA.

· Radford University. Radford, VA.

Headliners booked with: · Dane Cook · David Alan Grier · Aries Spears · Kevin Meaney · Jake Johannsen · Brett Leake · Jim Wiggins · Dave Mordal · Tim Young · Ben Bailey · Daniel Tosh · Joey Gay · Mike DeStefano · Jerry Roacha · Rich Aronovich · Exiene · Chuck Nice · Becky Donohue · Ronnie Wilkerson · Sonya White · J. Scott Homan · Al Goodwin · Mike Aronin · Will Marfori · Mark Evans · Scott Angrave · Danny Storts · Dan Ellison · Bodacious · "Big" Mac McClellan · Darryl Rhodes · John Knight · Ronnie Bullard · Frankie Paul · Steve Caminitti · Emmet Furrow · Billy Geason · Rob Reibold · Rich Calvert · Steve Arik · Oscar Sasse · Andy Cambell · R. Bruce · Bill Scott · Beatty Barnes · Bob Featherer · Greg Hosfeld · Tom Foss · Averell Carter · David Beck · Jenn Adams · Carl Wolfson · Robert York · John Wesley Austin

Acting Experience:

· Adrenaline (Feature Film).

· Interpol Investigates (National Geographic).

· F.B.I. Files (Discovery Channel).

· Daring Capers (TLC).

· The Favor (Short Film).

· Enter "The FIST!" (Short Film).

Writing Experience:

· Maxim Magazine Online

· Project Greenlight, HBO/Miramax Collaboration.

· Bravo/NBC's "Situation: Comedy"

· Recommended Writer, Kevin Spacey's

· Monologue Writer: National Lampoon Radio

· Registered with the WGA.

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Birthday: 7/13
Hailing From: Virginia Beach, VA
Debut: 6/19/99 @ Thoroughgood Inn Comedy Club
Home Club(s): VA Beach Funny Bone
Comic Inspirations: Brett Leake
Favorite Working Comics: Lisa Cafiero, Brett Leake, Brian Reagan, Joey Gay, Tim Young, David Beck, Averell Carter, J. Scott Homan
Favorite TV Shows: House, Seinfeld, Family Guy, C.S.I. (Las Vegas)
Favorite Movies: Pulp Fiction, Boondock Saints, Snatch, Kill Bill, Usual Suspects, Trainspotting
Favorite Books: Davinci Code, Trainspotting, Porno, Confederacy of Dunces, Ecstacy
Favorite Music: Better Than Ezra, Cowboy Mouth, Goldie Brown &

I was fortunate enough to work with Jay Gates in one of his home towns, Virginia Beach, and it was obvious that word of Goldie Brown is spreading. After the show, the comics and waitresses went out drinking, and I kept hearing girls say hey that's Jay Gates. Once people see him, they remember the name, not just the face. It's been 2 weeks since we performed together in Lexington, KY, and people are still talking about his jokes. As far as I can tell the next mayor of New Orleans is already the King of Virginia Beach.
      -Ross Duncliffe

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