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Lisa Lampanelli
BET Comic View, JFL, Stern, CC Roast (Chevy Chase)
New York (New York City)
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Lisa Lampanelli is a cross between Don Rickles, Archie Bunker, and a vial of estrogen. Able to "get away with saying ANYTHING," according to NY Friars Club Dean Freddie Roman, Lisa possesses a bawdy personality, all-out honesty, and the most essential quality in an insult comic, undeniable likeability.

As of late, this "Equal Opportunity Offender" has taken show business by storm. Besides performing nightly at every major NYC comedy club, Lisa was the only female comedian invited to skewer Chevy Chase on the NY Friars Club Roast on Comedy Central. She also served as the warm-up comic for Sally Jessy Raphael and has a monthly headlining show at Carolines on Broadway, the country's most prestigious comedy club. And she is developing a one-woman show on interracial dating called "Chocolate, Please."

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Birthday: 7/19
Hailing From: Trumbull, CT

Lisa throws political correctness out the window where it falls 30 stories and splatters on the ground. Then, she runs over it with a steamroller. Then, she set's it on fire. And you'll just sit there and laugh your butt off at the carnage!
      -Danny McDermott

Lisa is down and dirty with a streak of sweetness and likability. Lisa is absolutely hilarious!
      -Rosie Tran

Offensive? Sure. Filthy? Of course. Clever? Always.
      -Steve Hofstetter

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