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Ronnete Daniel
The Comedy Spot in Scottsdale
Arizona (Central)
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Ronnete Daniel was born in Jerusalem, Israel and moved to the United States, more importantly, the Bronx, New York when she was just a year old. Being from the Bronx has given Ronnete the ability to be feisty and cute all in one. So basically she can tell you off with a smile.

Ronnete has been funny her whole life. She was voted most humorous in middle school (not many get that honor; they usually have to what for high school). While living in New York, during the 80’s, Ronnete auditioned for the Roseanne show. She obviously didn’t get the part and then spent 9 years hearing people say “hey you know who you look like”? This nearly killed her since the Becky they chose was blonde and they went through two different ones. Nevertheless, she made it through that experience and just kept trying to make people laugh.

Her family decided to relocate to Phoenix, Arizona when Ronnete was in her 20’s not to be in the witness protection program but just for a change in scenery. Ronnete truly believes her mother picked Arizona because she was always telling Ronnete she was going to hell, so the move was really to get her used to the weather. A lot of Ronnete’s humor comes from her childhood and her abandonment issues her father left her with. She works through those issues with comedy and pays fees to a therapist to listen to all her other problems that one day she hopes to add to her routine.

Ronnete has performed with a number of well-known comedians including Kristen Keys, Brendan Vestal, Bruce Jingles, Jay Penn, Chad and Corey, Joey “Coco” Diaz, Ruben Moreno, and Rebecca Corey just to name a few. Her plan is to take over the world since Madonna never did.

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