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Ken (Tie Dye) Mathias
Last Comic Standing (Best of the Worst)
Texas (Northcentral)
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After three great years at Hyenas (Fort Worth and Arlington, TX, now banned from both clubs) Ken hit the road in 2003. Ken is originally from Chicago and works the middle of the country fom Mississippi to The Dakotas. Ken has opened for Tommy Chong, Bobcat Goldthwait, Chris "Kid" Reid and many many others. You may have seen Ken on Last Comic Standing's "Best of the Worst" or on the Urban America network's Comic Spotlite. With dual home bases in Dallas and Chicago Ken really gets around. Ken's comedy often compares life in the 70's to life in today's messed up world. Advice on how to deal with your kids, parents, government and significant other will help you solve most of your current dilemas (If you live on planet wacky). The only thing guaranteed is belly laughs. Ken's material is in no way politically correct or sensible. Ken is not afraid to admit that he is not a conservitive Republican.

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Birthday: 6/4
Hailing From: Grand Prairie, TX
Debut: 3/1/56 @ Hyenas Fort Worth
Home Club(s): Comedy Corner, Fort Worth, TX
Comic Inspirations: Dean Martin, Carlin, Bruce, Goldthwait
Favorite Working Comics: Ben Creed, Carl Labove,
Favorite TV Shows: Arested Developement
Favorite Movies: Little Cigars
Favorite Books: Anything by Terry Brooks
Favorite Music: Zappa

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