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Rick Morgan
New York (Long Island)
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After booking musicians and comedians across the country for many years, Rick Morgan became host of many events himself and evolved into a premier entertainer in his own right. The many organizations he works with for the last fifteen plus years roll with laughter. Rick brings to the stage very talented acts as seen on major shows and sitcoms. He has booked the Nassau Coliseum, The Hamptons, Hunter Mountain, Atlantic City, Las Vegas, as well as producing the Comedy On The Bay televsion show. Some of the acts he has worked with are: Cindy Lauper, Madonna, Menudo, Foreigner, the Late Greats Tubby Boots, Henny Youngman, and Morton Downey, Jr., Professor Irwin Corey, Richard Beltzer, Gilbert Gottfried, Robert Klein, Kevin James, Bob Nelson, Pat Cooper, Gabe Kaplan, and countless others. Rick's comedy style is quick and imaginative as he spins out his forte of #10 jokes that leave audiences roaring, applauding, thumping the tables, and bent over with laughter. From Temples, Knights of Columbus, Firehouses, PTA's, VFW's, Amvets, Lions, Elks, Moose, Politicians and the like Rick is always a consumate professional....guaranteed to please! His casino appearances include The Big M in Monticello and at Resorts International in Atlantic City. They say "Rick, you are an incredible host. Your hosting abilities really 'set up' our shows for success. Your comic sensibility, jokes, timing and your affability won over all the crowds. You were absolutely wonderful!" Rick has appeared at The Treehouse, The Brokerage Comedy Club, McGuires Comedy Club, Ray's Comedy Club, Carolines On Broadway in the heart of Manhattan, and also at The Broadway Comedy Club in New York City. Steve Solomon, Star of the Broadway sensation My Mother Is Italian, My Father Is Jewish, & I Am In Therapy, said, "Ladies & Gentlemen Give Rick Morgan a big hand, he is the first man to put a microphone in mine!" Recently, a club patron had to be restrained by management for laughing way too loudly! Rick brings his experience and expertise to many newcomers and professionals in this industry we call "Comedy" in industry showcases, seminars, and consultation. hence -->
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Birthday: 11/12
Hailing From: Manchester, England
Debut: 11/12/99 @ Bottom Line
Home Club(s): New York Comedy Club
Comic Inspirations: Bob Hope, Lenny Bruce
Favorite Working Comics: Johnny Rizzo, Joe Moffa, Vince Dantona & George, Coach Whiteley, Sherry Davey, Pat Candaras, KENNY WARREN & Leroy Cool, and one-liner Johnny Huff
Favorite TV Shows: Deadwood; The Shield
Favorite Movies: Lawrence of Arabia, Dr. Zhivago, Man Called Horse
Favorite Books: Collen McCullough's Caesar series, Tom Wolfe books, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Edward Rutherfurd, Anne Rice, James Mitchner, Jean Auld, Stephen King, so many others too numerous to list
Favorite Music: ZZ Top, ELO, Beatles, Foreigner, Zep, Humble Pie, & the best of the oldies - even Yanni!

Rick is not only considered to be the Headliner Of Emcees, he is a great guy to know and work with.
      -Stevie GB

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