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Greg Banks
Standup NY-Gotham-Carolines-Golden Nugget LV, NV
Maryland (Southeast)
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Greg's focus is political comedy, he is an urban Republican, which means he has actually seen a transvestite. OK, so they were in a relationship. But, Greg is straight, he protests.
Greg is the ultimate outsider.

Armed with a vast knowledge of Politics, Economics, Personal Psychology and Broadway show tunes, Greg's focus is the mendacity of the media and the scorchedearth politics practiced by the Democratic front of the Communist Party.

Some examples:

Why do the Democrats like to talk about Vietnam so much? Because its the only war they actually ever won.

Ken Melhman says, Hillary always appears angry and Americans dont like angry candidates. I think shes been showing flashes of that secret society she joined when she was at Wellesley, the Sisters of Perpetual Menstruation

Terry MacAuliffe said Bush should stop beating up on our (Democrat) veterans, he forgot to add: because we have so few of them.

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Birthday: 10/13
Hailing From: Mendham, NJ
Debut: 6/12/99 @ The Duplex
Home Club(s): The Village Lantern
Comic Inspirations: Phyllis Diller
Favorite Working Comics: Jim Gaffigan
Favorite TV Shows: Special Report with Brit Hume
Favorite Movies: Groundhog Day
Favorite Books: Godless, by Ann Coulter
Favorite Music: Talking Heads

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