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AJ Finney
2014 BOTM Laugh Fest, CC UP Next, Fox HBO Lucky 21
Colorado (Northeastern)
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Comedian AJ Finney returns to the Back Bowl Saturday

LEO Weekly Interview - AJ Finney


Headlining the 8-BIT Stand Up Comedy Showcase
5/9 - 5:47 PM

Kansas City, The Boy's are back in town! May 16-18
5/8 - 5:47 PM


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Stylistically manic, artistically brilliant, AJ Finney is an eclectic midwesterner with a passion for the psychedelic scene of the Sixties. Comedy, jam bands and Volkswagens — that’s him. He’s an eco-friendly, improvisational, sometimes philosophical, patchouli-soaked quipster. AJ’s organic approach is refreshing and his poetic stream of consciousness style makes for a colorful and unforgettable comedic experience. His audience (much like the Deadheads) are finding him through alternative venues such as music festivals, head shops, and record stores. In 2015 AJ joined TJ Miller on his Meticulously Ridiculous tour. In 2014 AJ was crowned “Best of the Midwest” winner at Gilda’s LaughFest in Grand Rapids, was featured on the FOX television show Laughs, and was one of the 100 performers chosen for Season 8 of NBC’s Last Comic Standing. In 2013 he was a semifinalist in the Comedy Central talent search Up Next, as well as a finalist in the 2011 San Francisco International Comedy Competition. He was voted “Best in Fest” at the 2011 Detroit LaughFest and was a finalist in HBO’s Lucky 21 comedy competition. AJ is an effective and engaging storyteller with a rhythm that quickly pulls you into his world. You'll laugh until you leave and then later you'll laugh again.

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Birthday: 6/9
Hailing From: Denver , CO
Debut: 10/7/03 @ Stanford & Son's Comedy Club (westport)
Home Club(s): Comedy Works
Comic Inspirations: Robin Williams,George Carlin,Keller Williams,Jerry Garcie, Ben Folds,Mitch Hedberg
Favorite Working Comics: Rory Scovel, Tom Segura, Kyle Kinane,Dan Cummins,T.J Miller,Matt Braunger, Dave Waite,Paul Hooper,Dov Davidoff
Favorite TV Shows: Mork and Mindy, South Park, Cosmos, Adult Swim
Favorite Movies: Back to the future, SCI Evolution, GD Down Hill From Here, Move Me Brightley, Weekend at Bermies, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure,
Favorite Books: Growing Up Dead, The Artist's Way, Food Of The Gods, Truth In Comedy
Favorite Music: The Grateful Dead, String Cheese Incident, Railroad Eath,Keller Williams, EOTO Lots Of Jam Bands

AJ tore up last year's Iowa Comedy Festival during the "Best of the Midwest" Showcase. He's an incredibly funny and gifted writer who has great things ahead of him. Hell, he's got a lot of accomplishments under his belt already, so just think how bright his future is!
      -Joel Fry

Very, very funny! A.J.'s got rhythm. He pulls you quickly into his world, and you'll laugh until you leave. Then later you'll laugh again. If you get a chance to see/book him - DON'T MISS IT!
      -BradChad Porter

This is one Funny Dude...saw him in Kansas City at Stanford's, I think he is a comedian's comedian, he made me more laugh. Watch this one he is going places.
      -Longhorn The Comedian

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