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Michael Doc Davis
Heavy Metal Corporate Nerd - performs Nerd-Jitsu
Arkansas (Central)
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03/29/2014 – Doc’s Group Therapy Nasty Neighbors @ WT Bubba’s Little Rock, Arkansas
4/1 - 11:17 PM

11/30/2013 – Doc’s Group Therapy Holiday Hamming @ Stones Throw Brewery Little Rock, Arkansas
11/30 - 11:17 PM


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Promo / Venue Intro He is known as Michael "Doc" Davis, “Doc”, and “Doc the Comedian”. He exploded onto the stand-up comedy scene in 2005, which later led him into acting and event hosting. He is enjoying the high-speed road to entertainment of acting, film, stand-up comedy, improvisational comedy, radio, and television. Doc has worked with national celebrities such as Rick Gutierrez, Cowboy Bill Martin, Robert Hawkins, James Johann, and Susanna Lee, just to name a few. You can hear him performing his “Un-DOC-Umented News” feature ( on The Point 94.1 ( every Friday afternoon with Mike Kennedy and Sharpe Dunaway. He is part of the “WTF” or “Way Too Funny” ( comedy team along with Chucky D and Tommy Kelley. The WTF team performs live comedy shows and comedic short films, which have received worldwide attention. You can regularly find him in state and local newspaper and magazine publications and on radio stations in and around the state of Arkansas relating to his entertainment, film, and charity work. His performances as a comedian span a wide range of material and are very diverse in content. He can write material to fit the needs of his audience, regardless of age. Prepare to hear the unexpected; he even has the tendency to make himself laugh. His animated performances have been compared to a mix between Jim Carey, Robin Williams, and Steve Martin. In his comedy and entertainment, he approaches topics such as: his geeky/nerdy background, family, politics, religion, hobbies, animal incidents, women vs. men, kids, divorce, work, drugs and alcohol, travel, military, ’What was he thinking’, and much more. He has no problem making fun of himself just as he does the people and things around him. He believes that life is too short not to find the humor in it and that life is better if you can laugh at it. His motto is simply ‘Laughter is the Best Medicine’. Doc is an award winner who has placed among top comedians in contests such as: open mic contests at the Loony Bin Comedy Club and the Tennessee Comedian Round-Up. Doc won the title of “Branson Comedy Festival All-Star” and was 1st runner up in Big Doin’s Comedy contest. He also judges and coordinates comedy and talent contests around Arkansas. Doc is not just a comedian and diverse entertainer; he is also a stage and screen actor. Arkansas has provided him with many acting opportunities. He’s taken on several various roles to test his diversity. His character personalities have included: an emotionally shocked and numb ex-boyfriend, a married-too-young frustrated husband, a smart-aleck backstabbing businessman, a hungry stoner, a parody-style soap star, a fresh out of prison vengeful ex-husband, a life-threatened bio-hazard guy, a dork named Dave, and several others. Doc has opened and emceed many events throughout Arkansas. He is a highly energized performer and some have even labeled him as the most sought after event show host and master of ceremonies in his home state of Arkansas. He has served as roast master and has coordinated and hosted several roasts of news-worthy Arkansas celebrities. He has performed as a feature comedian for The Comedy Zone with Heffron entertainment and has also performed for Loony Bin Comedy on many occasions. You may have also seen him as the co-host of Arkansas’ Funniest Person with “Angry” Patrick Beam. Doc is the co-founder of Arkansas’ Funniest Person and Way Too Funny Comedy, and is the sole founder of State of Comedy ( He supports organizations benefiting children, such as: C.A.S.A. (, B.A.C.A. (, Youth Home (, Make a Child Smile (, and more. He even became a Court Appointed Special Advocate to raise awareness and funds for abused children. Making people laugh and making a difference in people’s lives is his goal in everything he does. He always ensures an excellent event and incredible time for all those that attend. The adventure has been challenging at times, but for him, challenges are always welcome. Comedy Clubs Performed Loony Bin, Arkansas (Open Mic and Host) Electric Cowboy – Comedy Zone Branson Comedy Festival, Missouri (Competition & Fundraiser) Other Venues / Events Performed MacDaddy's, Arkansas Ham and Jam The Point 94.1 (Friday Afternoon Radio Personality) Conway Supper Club, Arkansas ( & Anger Mis-Management Comedy Tour) Eureka Live Underground ( Salty Parrot, Arkansas ( The End Zone, Arkansas ( The Fix 105.7, Arkansas (Morning Co-host) Sticky Fingerz, Arkansas ( & Anger Mis-Management Comedy Tour) Juanita’s, Arkansas ( Central Baptist Church, Arkansas (Fundraiser) Dad’s Place, Arkansas Private Parties, Arkansas (Regular) Greenbrier Event Center, Arkansas (Fundraiser) The Point 94.1 FM, Arkansas (Character / Performer) Fox and Hound, Arkansas ( & Anger Mis-Management Comedy Tour) Daly’s Downtown, Arkansas ( & Anger Mis-Management Comedy Tour) Gusano’s, Arkansas (Open Mic) Angel's Place, Arkansas (Anger Mis-Management Comedy Tour) Eden Park, Arkansas (Anger Mis-Management Comedy tour) Front Street Grill, Arkansas (WTF Comedy) Revolution Room, Arkansas (Anger Mis-Management Comedy Tour) TheDocTV, Arkansas (Un-Documented News to Yous) A Deer camp (Wow) Comedy Rating G, PG, PG13 Other Performers I've Worked With James Johann, Susanna Lee, Chucky D, Tommy Kelley, Amaru Lewis, Jim Pate, Jason Thomson, Red Octopus Comedy Theater, Eric Counts, JoePepsi, Reuben the Meatman, Patrick Beam Venue, Show, Event References Jeff Jones, Loony Bin Joel Pace, Comedy Zone | Heffron Entertainment Wade Ledbetter, Jesters Entertainment Stephanie Shaw, Arkansas Rocks Chris King, Juanita’s & Sticky Fingerz Joe Carmen, Conway Supper Club Sharpe Dunaway, The Point 94.1 Mike Kennedy, The Point 94.1 Doug Kramer, & KLAZ 105.9 Tony Dee, Eureka Live Underground Michael Brockett, Kids on First Karen Williams, Greenbrier Chris King, Revolution Room / Sticky Fingerz Chris Kodiak, The Fix 105.7 Jeremy Nelson, Maxine’s, Johnny Weaver, Juanita’s Michael Henry, Juanita’s TV Appearances, Feature Films, and other Media Full Feature Film - Tuckerman (Main Character), The Point 94.1 - Radio, Personality, Magic 105.1, The Fix 105.7, Benton Courier, Pine Bluff Commercial, The Sentinel-Record, Russellville Courier, Eureka Springs Lovely County Citizen, Arkansas Free Press, Sync Magazine, Arkansas Times, Cabot Cabot Star-Herald, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Northwest Arkansas Times Arkansas Democrat Facebook, MySpace, Website, Other Site Links ..
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Birthday: 4/12
Hailing From: Little Rock, Arkansas
Home Club(s): Loony Bin, Juanita's, West End, Front Street
Comic Inspirations: Adam Sandler, Robin Williams, Steve Martin
Favorite Working Comics: Chucky D, Tommy Kelley

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