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Matt Lewis
Jon Lovitz Comedy Club, Comedy Store, Brea Improv
California (Los Angeles Area)
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This is my self-absorbed intro, but this is MY page, so it will be self-absorbed. Matt would love for you to laugh at his jokes, but he'd rather you think about what he says and get a get colon-cleansing, wet the boxers laugh rehashing it later. Matt was born in Oklahoma, lived most of his life in Middle America. He grew up in a rural suburb of Tulsa, laughing at the other white boys at his school would wear Raider caps, but were terrified of the one black person in school. He was always classified as gifted, but didn't like the label of being smarter and different. Even then, striving for mediocrity. After his parents split, he moved to Tulsa and went from suburbs to a shitty high school where his talents were not developed and instead fell in the underachieving crowd. After high school, Matt was the only one of his group that went to college. Unprepared, his GPA blew, and he went from one shitty job to another. In 2004, he moved to Los Angeles, and after working a few stints as a sportswriter. He found his home on stage. Finally, if you read this whole bio, you realize how much of a jackball I feel like typing in the third person. Nevertheless, it's cool you read it.
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Birthday: 9/2
Hailing From: Tulsa, OK
Debut: 6/1/06 @ HaHa Cafe
Home Club(s): The Jon Lovitz Comedy Club
Comic Inspirations: George Carlin, Chris Rock, Doug Stanhope
Favorite Working Comics: Doug Stanhope, Chris Rock, Norm MacDonald
Favorite TV Shows: Office, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Favorite Movies: Fight Club, V for Vendetta
Favorite Books: City Primeval
Favorite Music: Talib Kweli, Green Day, Johnny Polgon

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