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Ted Riot
Guinness Book; NBC + ABC News; U of M; Comcast
Michigan (Southeastern)
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Ted Riot from Detroit; SuperNatural Star with a MotorCityMojo..................

Born and bred below 8 mile on the Chrysler Freeway and winding up with a Private Catholic University degree, Ted Riot has been there and done that.

With all of the Ups, Downs, Ins, Outs and everything in between, Ted Riot has a Comixx Perspective on all of it.

If you are a Beer-Swillin' Blue Collar Redneck, you can laugh with him. And if you are a High-Class Suit Snob, you can laugh at him.

But either way at the end of the day Laughing you WILL be!

Mr. Riot has been fortunate enough to make people laugh across the globe via his webpages, while also performing live in the U.S.A.

The best moment came in June '04 when he set up and hosted his "Comedy Charity Event for Childrens' Hospital of Michigan", which raised money for children afflicted with birth defects similar to his own. Comic J. R. Remik was the best headliner for this show, having family affected by birth defects also.

In Sept. '04, Ted R. participated in the "Longest Running Comedy Show" at the Pickwick & Frolick Comedy Theater of Ohio. The show ran over 55 hours and will be added to the Guinness Book of World Records and was featured on the NBC affiliate in Cleveland.

In Aug. '04, while working closely with students from his old High School Auto Shop, T. R. was on a local ABC news program during the 10th annual "Woodward Ave. Dream Cruise".

During a performance at Mark Ridleys' Comedy Castle, Ted was able to impress the local NBC news and earn a brief appearance on another local spotlight segment.

Ted Riot was in Chicago at the "Cattle Call" auditions for "The Last Comic Standing" 2nd season. Even though he was not picked as a contestant, he did appear on the Highlight/Lowlight clips during one of the episodes. Chicago Public T.V. was also there and intervied Ted.

Way back in 12/03, T. R. was able to set up and host his "College Campus Carnival of Comedy Contest" at the University of Michigan. This night featured 20 Michigan comix including the likes of Mike Bobbitt, Gerry McAvoy, and Steve Lind.

Any more information can be gleaned from TEDRIOT.COM, COMEDYDETROIT.COM, and of course on FACEBOOK/TEDRIOT which are set up and hosted by Mr. Ted Riot personally.




6'4, 200pnds athletic, blue eyes, dark brown curly hair, 4 tattoos and 9 piercings, dozens of scars, (5)x 4 inch screws and an 18 inch steel rod.


B.A. in Geology with an English minor from LaSalle University in Philadelphia, Pa., with 1 year writing for the LaSalle Collegian newspaper and LaSalle security.

FoodSafe Certification to handle and purvey food items nationwide.

Construction Inspection Certification

OSHA Hazardous Materials Certification


T. Riot has been pronounced dead many times. By the cars of 2 separate drunk drivers, by a Detroit basehead with a baseball bat, as well as many times on the operating table. This has given Ted a chance to re-aquaint with his Father + Uncle + Grandmother who were all murdered in Detroit city.

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Birthday: 1/24
Hailing From: Detroit , MI
Debut: 1/2/03 @ Club Bart's
Home Club(s): Bart's, Ridley's, Wiseguy's, AA Showcase, Joey's
Comic Inspirations: G. Carlin, B. Cosby, A. Clay
Favorite Working Comics: TEDRIOT
Favorite TV Shows: Head Bangers Ball, Jeopardy, Robot Chicken
Favorite Movies: Goodfellas, Mad Max, Alien
Favorite Books: The Divine Comedy, The Dictionary
Favorite Music: Devil Music Vol 6

Tony Don't says Hey, Drop me a line! Trying to reach ya ,bout your writing skills.
      -TONY DON'T

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