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Al Ducharme
New York (New York City)
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Al Ducharme has a feature interview in the latest issue of The Comedians.

Al Ducharme's New DVD "Spineless" now available at Barnes and Noble.


Episode 289:Reverse Cowboy with Jacob Sirof and Ricarlo Flanagan
11/21 - 3:26 AM

Episode 288: Cultural Exchange with Jake Johannsen
11/19 - 3:26 AM


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Catch Al on Comics Unleashed with Byron Allen and you may see him in some current commercials. Look closely. Don't blink.

Al's act covers a wide range of observational humor, outrageous family stories and just good ol' silly standup comedy that all can enjoy.

Al Ducharme makes his home in New York City where he performs regularly at all the Manhattan comedy clubs including Caroline’s Comedy Club, The Comic Strip Live, Comix, Gotham Comedy Club and Rodney Dangerfields to name a few. When he’s not in the city honing his craft he travels the globe bringing his unique brand of comedy to those who need it most.

Al’s film credits include the Miramax film “Next Stop Wonderland” and “Original Sin” on CBS. His TV credits: panel guest on the syndicated show “Comics Unleashed with Byron Allen”, comedic commentary on “Inside Edition”, tons of funny TV commercials and hosting the first season of “Mission Organization” on HGTV. Al’s latest one hour DVD has been produced by National Lampoon and will be available in stores in late winter 2008.

Al keeps himself busy headlining comedy clubs, theaters, corporate events and over 300 colleges nationally. He has also received rave reviews internationally, making people laugh in Europe (Amsterdam, Paris and Barcelona), Africa and China. He has been a featured performer at numerous comedy festivals including the prestigious Montreal Comedy Festival, the LOL Sudbury Comedy Festival and the Gala at the Boston Comedy Festival.

No matter what he does, Heineken commercials, TV studio warm-up or performing to a sold out expat crowd in Beijing, Al Ducharme is one undeniably funny man.

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Birthday: 2/5
Hailing From: Cranston, RI
Home Club(s): Hustler Gentlemens Club
Comic Inspirations: George W. Bush
Favorite Working Comics: Bernadette Pauley- Bring it home baby
Favorite TV Shows: Sponge Bob Square Pants, Dexter
Favorite Movies: Three Days of the Condor
Favorite Books: What's a book?
Favorite Music: Since my move to Inwood (Manhattan) I guess it's any loud Dominican music.

I found Al is best when roasted! Add some garlic and boy does the italian in him come out. I miss performing with Al because he is never seriously and always funny and vice-versa dyslexic-wise ie never always and seriously funny. Not to mention the languages he speaks, all but one of them intelligible.Come back to the 'dammage Al! W.
      -William Sutton

Ok, so Al is so funny that fried rice came out of my nose, not really, but almost... in Boston Chinese food is married to comedy for some strange reason - but back to Al - he rocks! and me and Danny Miller were laughing so hard at Al at the Kowloon that there was no sound coming out of either one of us, and if you knew us, you'd know that was a rarity!
      -Stacy Kendro

Al's got the ability to turn anything around him into a joke, and a good joke at that. he's one of the few comics I'll watch over and over, because I know it will be different every time.
      -Steve Hofstetter

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