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Tracie Jayne
The Wolf of Wall Street, Spike TV, USO Tours
New York (New York City)
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at the Laughing Devil

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10/1 - 5:12 AM

Jesse Joyce recent set at The Comedy and Magic Club
9/29 - 5:12 AM


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A mechanic? Yes, it's true. Sure she's a little blonde. Sure she's a girly-girl, but she drinks, she smokes, and she tells it like it ain't pretty. Growing up in a steel-town, spending four years in the Navy, and moving to NYC has made her bold with an impressive tolerance for alcohol. Bookers have said: "Don't let her petite exterior fool you. She's a tough cookie." She was named the "Emerging Comic of the Year" in the New York Underground Comedy Festival. She can be seen regularly in New York comedy clubs, featuring at clubs throughout the country, and on tour through military bases overseas. You'll also find her on a compilation CD with Ron White, and hosting on red carpets and on Spike TV.

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Birthday: 5/14
Hailing From: Pittsburgh, PA
Debut: 12/17/00 @ the laff stop, houston
Home Club(s): improv's
Comic Inspirations: life in the shitter
Favorite Working Comics: attel, norton, stanhope
Favorite TV Shows: sportscenter
Favorite Movies: any inspirtionsl sports film
Favorite Music: loud

Damn I miss performing with Tracie. She is the best. Not only is she funny, but she sure can party. I can't wait to see her again. JOHNNY
      -Johnny McCarthy

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