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Michael Hayne
2008 AOF Film Fest, Laughing Liberally, Ny Times
New York (New York City)
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Michael Hayne @ Darress Theater

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Michael Hayne to perform with filmakers, satirists "The Yes Men"


Michael Hayne presents an evening of Political Comedy
6/11 - 4:20 PM

NJ Laughing Liberally Lab
12/1 - 11:46 PM


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With a sharp, sarcastic tongue and a wit that goes unmatched, Michael Hayne blends clever observations with social commentary and is never, ever boring. He is the cure for the safe, politically correct garbage that has been infecting comedy like a contagious and fatal disease.

Mike's the kind of guy you meet in a dark alley and instead of stealing your wallet, he steals your self-confidence and then buys you a drink. Of course he eventually asks you to pay him back for the drink because after all, he really isn't a nice guy...THANK GOD.

Michael Hayne is currently hard at work on a new political project called "Turn Left"--a satirical, edgy political comedy created by Kevin O' Driscoll (a.k.a., Nivek Absurdo), directed by Billy Dean, and produced by Julio Soler of Soler Productions in which Michael Hayne writes sketches("Name that slant: Conservative Republican or Liberal Democrat) and characters (Hawk McCyanide, a dyspeptic, dyed-in-the-wool conservative and Dick O' Toole, a smarmy and self-satisfied reactionary) and performs stand-up (Son of Chad: The Apocalypse).

Turn Left is unique in that its designed to provoke thought before laughter on a variety of social and political topics, all of which come from a liberal perspective. In short, if the Daily Show and the weekend update were ever to mate, Turn Left would be their bastard child.

Turn Left won second place at the Chicago Short Film Festival in 2007 for the Real Dick Cheney Parody as well as placing in the finals of The Huffington Post Contagious Festival in 2006.

Given the success of prior work, Michael Hayne collabortaed again with these same people in April of this year to work on on a new project.

Turn Left to Pennsylvania Ave. is the first feature length offering from the Freedom Friars, a New York-based comedy troupe Directed by William Dean (Virginia Shakespeare Society). The comedy troupe specialized in thoughtful yet zany and irreverent political humor which they call "slaptire" as it is a combination of slapstick and satire. Brought to you with tongues firmly planted in cheeks by comic actor/writer/producers Kevin O'Driscoll (Caroline's on Broadway) and J.B. Soler (Sex and the City), the script was co-written by O'Driscoll and stand-up comic Michael Hayne, with contributions from the players. The Freedom Friars starring Ron Kidd (30 Rock) as Dick Cheney, Juliet Jeske (Letterman) as Hillary Clinton, and Alex Adams (Conan) as Rudy Giuliani have been killing audiences in New York City since 2003. This hilarious and not-to-be misssed election year feature is a send-up of several genre's and could best be described as Michael Moore meets Talk Soup meets SNL, which just got featured in the LA Action on Film Festival (don't ask).

His biting pontifications on the news of the day and the news of yesterday that is still news has been featured in New York Times Laugh Lines and

After doing several show with Laughing Liberally Ny, Michael is bringing this reputable political comedy (Will Durst, Rick Overton) to New Jersey.

Al Gore's Campaign Manager and CNN Contributor Donna Brazile called Michael a "smart guy with great impressions".

In the meantime, if you really wish to not understand what Michael Hayne is saying, check him out at "" target=_self>www.enterto.comhence -->

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Birthday: 2/4
Debut: 3/15/01 @ Stress Factory
Home Club(s): Otto's Shrunken Head
Comic Inspirations: Lenny Bruce, George Carlin, and Bill Maher
Favorite Working Comics: Lewis Black, Eddie Izzard, and Jon Stewart
Favorite TV Shows: Daily Show, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Colbert Report, The Office, LINK TV, [adult swim]
Favorite Movies: The book was better
Favorite Books: The World is Flat, Hegemony or Survival, When Will Jesus Bring Back the Porkchops, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Assault on Reason, Holy War Inc.
Favorite Music: John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Art Blakey, Clifford Brown, Charlie Parker, Sonny Rollins, Charlie Mingus, Max Roach, Freddie Hubbard, Donald Byrd, Count Basie, Bille Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Benny Goodman, Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Tribe Called Quest, Madlib, MF Doom, Jaylib, Yesterdays New Quintet, 9th Wonder, RJD2, Pete Rock, Beastie Boys, Guru, Gangstarr, De La Soul, Digable Planets, The Pharcyde, Roots Manuva, The Roots, Nicolay, Jurassic 5, The Executioners, Nas, Aloe Blacc, People Under The Stairs, Run DMC, Boggie Down Productions, Mix Master Mike, DJ Premier, DJ Cam, DJ Babu, DJ Shadow, DJ Ameldabee, The Doors, and The Who

If you ever wanna be angry at the world and happy you are at the same time, hang out with Mike Hayne. Mike has a delightful cynism that makes you want to kick a politicion in the nuts and then go pick flowers for mom. we have done many of shows together and i never knew how fun it could be being a grouch-keteer. not to say Mike isn't funny cuz i'm not saying that. If anyone can make you angry at something and be happy at the same time, they must be a genious. with true intellectual wit, Mike will leave you thinking man that was hysterical and i'm not smart enough to understand why? I better go home and read. while many of our contemporaries are crackin jokes about sex and farting, Mike is single handidly taking down the Trojan empire with his wooden horse -fight- the -power- jokes. So the next time you see the president give a speech, just remember the Pres. is thinking oh great Hayne's gunna rip me apart on that one!
      -Mike Sgroi

Hi Michael, I am going to haVe Jessica about whether she's shooting a sitcom you have peeked my interest, I wouldn't be surprised. Yes she is still booking the early shows on Friday and Saturdays at Gotham. Just call there and ask for her extension, leave her a message with your avails. take care!! shecky
      -Shecky Beagleman

Mike is probably one of the angriest nice guys I know. His material is always fresh and edgy and it's nice to see somebody say what we are all already thinking. I've known him for a few years now and I am always impressed with his ever expanding act and limitless hate for pop-culture...
      -Kevin Israel

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