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Throwing Toasters
Dr. Demento, Tokyo Dome, West Point, Ice House
California (Los Angeles Area)
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"Bad Influence" By Throwing Toasters

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2/5 - 8:32 PM

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Throwing Toasters "The Very Best In Comedy Rock!"

Comedy rock band, Throwing Toasters combines the hilarious songwriting of Tenacious D with the onstage energy of Barenaked Ladies. The only difference is that all their songs are clean there is only one band member, Grant Baciocco. The rest of the members of seem to be figments of Grants imagination. This does not seem to deter this one man Comedy Rock show from being a side splittingly funny and super high energy affair.

Grant cites Weird Al Yankovic as being the one who started him down the road of comedy music. I think Als Eat It! was the first real comedy song I remember hearing. I loved that he was making fun of what was popular at the time. It would be the Comedy music DJ, Dr. Demento though who would open his eyes to all comedy music has to offer. Because of Dr. Demento, I started listening to The Smothers Brothers, Tom Lehrer, Bob Newhart and my hero Stan Freberg. These guys all proved that you can be funny without being dirty. Baciocco carries this tradition forward by writing original comedy songs that try to go for real laughs, without vulgarity.

Grant started out writing song parodies like that of Weird Al in Junior High and High School in Northern California. After graduating with a degree in Theater from Long Beach State University in California, Grant taught himself how to play guitar and started writing all original songs about daily observations; lines at A.T.M. machines, people who give away the endings of movies and the legal side of Nursery Rhymes.

Even though Grant will swear up and down that there are other members of Throwing Toasters, no one has ever seen them. Grant always takes the stage alone with his guitar and has some excuse as to why the rest of the members couldnt make it. He still plays and sings his heart out and by the end of the hour long Throwing Toasters show, audiences have laughed so hard and had such an incredible time that they dont even care if the other members of the band actually exist or not!

Throwing Toasters has toured Colleges and clubs all over the United States and played at the Tokyo Dome in Japan helping to open the 2003  2004 NFL season. Currently available for college, corporate and comedy club bookings, Throwing Toasters is a unique and refreshingly clean one man comedy rock band that will give audiences an evening they will not soon forget!

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Birthday: 5/20
Hailing From: Burlingame, California
Home Club(s): Punchline (San Francisco)
Comic Inspirations: Smothers Brothers, Stan Freberg, Allan Sherman,
Favorite Working Comics: Eddie Izzard, John Pinette
Favorite TV Shows: Deadwood, Bullshit
Favorite Movies: Shaun Of The Dead, A Mighty Wind, Waiting For Guffman
Favorite Books: The Great & Secret Show, Series Of Unfortunate Events
Favorite Music: Barenaked Ladies, Four Postmen, Carla Ulbrich, Journey

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