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Thomas J Kelly
The View, Good Morning America
New York (New York City)
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Thomas J. Kelly has been developing a reputation in radio, television and on the comedy circuit for his smart humor and goofy charm.

Last year he was tapped to be the warm up comedian at ABC's The View where he performs for a studio audience of 200 five days a week.

Kelly also writes for Launch Radio Networks where his writing is syndicated on over 30 stations around the country including stations in New York City and Los Angeles.

Kelly recently created the wedding humor website I Hate He is currently showcasing a short film in festivals which supplements the humor found on the site. My Cousin's Wedding Video With Commentary Track explains how Thomas J. Kelly was invited cousin's wedding only to have to shoot and edit her wedding video. In his "commentary track" version, Kelly tells his story while his comedian friends make fun of his cousin's wedding video.

Kelly also hosts a weekly podcast found at This Show On This Show Again Tom Kelly, pop-culture experts and a cast of regulars discuss celebrities, independent music and ways for you to live your life.

As an Associate Producer on Lighten Up and as the Writer's Assistant at The Rosie O'Donnell Show, Kelly saw many of his bits make it to air. Also, during the 2000 Presidential Election, Kelly created It was the only web-site on the internet "dedicated to Al Gore's hot daughters." The site received a great deal of internet and radio press and was up to 7,000 hits a day during the recount debacle.

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Hailing From: Long Island, NY

Tom Kelly is one of the hottest rising young stars in New York. His insightful look on the single world of a young guy looking to get the girl is extremely humorous. I'm privileged to watch Tom on his climb to the top. He is a funny, funny man! Rich Walker
      -Rich Walker

Thom is a class act. Very funny and professional on stage and a human being off stage.
      -Gary Keshner

Tom is a young veteran of the comedy scene with an emphatic style that hooks you in from the beginning.
      -Evan Wecksell

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