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Sue Kelly
Rascals, NYCC, Chuckles, Comedy Cabaret, Bonkers
Pennsylvania (Southeast)
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Previous Comments

I saw Sue for the first time this past weekend.......shes got the goods. shes funny.
      -Robin Fox

I saw Sue Kelly at the California Comedy Conference and never laughed so hard in my life! To paraphrase W.C. Fields: When Sue Kelly is on stage, I'd rather be in Philadelphia!
      -Barbara Sehr

I love when I go to a club to do stand up and I see that Sue Kelly is on the bill as well. She's so awesome to hang out with. Not only that, but I still laugh when she does an impression of her mom vacuuming singing bald headed woman instead of more than a woman. Love it!
      -Jeff Soles

Sue Kelly's comedy is funny, smart and right on target. And she is a pleasure to work with, too! Linda San Lucas
      -Linda San Lucas

Sue Kelly is one funny,talented girl and she really cracks me up !!!!!
      -Sandy Ehlers

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