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Shaun Eli
Ivy Standup, late night TV writer, radio
New York (Northern NYC Suburbs)
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comedian Shaun Eli

Shaun Eli, profiled in Westchester Magazine

Shaun Eli's "Business School... in About an Hour" debuts Monday 12/1 in NYC


Fathers' Day
6/17 - 3:46 PM

Some Recent Jokes That Didn't Sell
1/20 - 4:11 AM


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This native New Yorker's strength is political comedy, but his material doesn't end there. In addition to offending Republicans, Democrats, independents, people from political parties we've never heard of, those too young to vote, non-citizens and the apolitical, he makes people laugh with observational, anecdotal and other forms of humor.

In addition to performing his own material and producing and hosting the Ivy League Comedy Showcase, for more than a decade Shaun has written and sold jokes to America's top late-night television talk show host for use in his opening monologue.

Besides his comedic skills, Shaun is an accomplished rower, having competed in various state, national and international championships in a single scull, double scull, and four- and eight-oared sweep boats. He is a New York State Champion and National Team Champion rower, and finished third in the Canadian Henley senior 135 lb. single scull event (he hasn't weighed 135 lbs. since 1993). He was also a member of the 1994 U.S. Dragon Boat team which placed seventh in the finals at the World Championships in Hong Kong and soundly defeated the evil military national team from the repressive country of Myanmar.

He is also an instrument-rated pilot, an award-winning economic forecaster and has conducted seminars in chocolate & chocolate-tasting. During and after college at The University of Pennsylvania he taught Advanced Lifesaving (as an American Red Cross volunteer) where he trained hundreds of swimmers to be lifeguards.

Shaun bakes the world's greatest cheesecake.

More information can be found on his website including samples of his comedy writing and more biographical information.

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Birthday: 7/21
Hailing From: New York City, NY
Favorite TV Shows: The Tonight Show, The Simpsons, CSI West Wing-- where they investigate how this show died
Favorite Movies: Dog Day Afternoon, Maltese Falcon, Casablanca
Favorite Books: prefers mysteries
Favorite Music: Rock from the '50s - '70s, Folk, Classical

Thanks Shaun, I appreciate your help. Russell
      -Russell Hebert

In the simplest of words... Shaun Eli is a great comic.
      -Michael Gewirtzman

Shaun is quite the comedian. His optimism and dedication to his craft makes me wonder if he's got enough to lend out to some of us...
      -Joanne Filan

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